800px-Nancy-MI847J and Jack-6 - Scenario Campaign - T6 BR

Nancy and Jack, G Corporation part one

G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign. The second part of the stage takes place at the Lightning Storm stage; albeit with altered stage music of course.

There are two parts: Anna Williams is the boss at G Corporation and Kazuya Mishima is the boss at Millennium Tower Heliport.

However, you can choose to play as NANCY-MI847J in Anna's part (giving a higher advantage).

Trophy/achievement: That's No Hero

Millennium Tower Heliport (Part Two)


Part Two

It is here where Kazuya is encountered and fought as a boss. Many powerful Jack robots accompany him in overwhelming swarms.

It is important to try to attack Kazuya directly instead of preoccupying oneself with defeating the several Jack robots. Remember: they all die once Kazuya is finished off.

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