G Science and Technology, Research Building 3 is a stage in Scenario Campaign mode in Tekken 6. A group of G Corporation members are fought here. Clearing this stage will unlock Julia Chang in Scenario Campaign's Arena mode. Julia Chang can be seen here behind a glass wall. She was trapped by the G Corporation members. When all enemies are defeated, 3 aliens will be hopping around near a laser fence. The trick is to defeat all aliens and they will drop money and treasures. When the player enters the boss area, they will notice a crate in the right hand corner. Break the crate open and a Special Flag can be picked up.

Alisa's Journal

"We detected an SOS signal transmitted by Mr. Lee Chaolan's research worker, Julia, and headed to the G Corporation's large scale underground experimentation site. The high level security made infiltrating the site difficult, but we succeeded in locating and rescuing Julia. In return, she temporarily disabled the security system, allowing us access to a blocked off portion of the site. Now we are able to reach the frontline of the G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu's Base".

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