Gallu, called Sharur (シャル/Shar) in Japan, is an attack performed by Zafina. Its input is ff+3+4. The first successful hit will knock the enemy, followed by a second which knocks the enemy backwards. Holding the down button will force Zafina onto Mantis Stance.


  • In Sumerian mythology, the Gallu (also called gallu demons or gallas) were great demons/devils of the underworld.
  • Gallu demons hauled unfortunate victims off to the underworld.
  • They were one of seven devils (or "the offspring of hell") of Babylonian theology that could be appeased by the sacrifice of a lamb at their altars.
  • Inanna (or Ishtar) was freed by gallu demons sent by Enki while she was on a journey to the underworld.
  • An especially fierce gallu demon, the monstrous Asag, was slain by Ninurta using the enchanted mace Sharur.
  • Sharur, which means "smasher of thousands" is the weapon and mythic symbol of the god Ninurta. Sumerian mythic sources describe it as an enchanted talking mace.

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