Geese Howard is a playable guest character within the Tekken series of fighting games. He is from the Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series created by SNK. He made his debut in Tekken 7 as a DLC character.



Geese has short blond hair and blue eyes. His overall outfit is almost identical to Heihachi's primary outfit in Tekken 3 but his hakama is red. He also wears a necklace on his neck. His chest bears a long horizontal scar, as well as a long scar across Geese's left eye, inflicted by Wolfgang Krauser, his half-brother.


Tekken 7

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Being originating from SNK's KOF and Fatal Fury, Geese's playstyle is more akin to his appearance in KOF XIV, such as having MAX Mode cancel instead of Street Fighter IV's Focus Attack cancel. He has 2 Supers, similar to Hwoarang's 2 Rage Drives, unlike Akuma and Eliza who only possesses one. His gameplay is a merger of both his normal and Nightmare forms, dating back to SvC Chaos.

Geese has overall strength and has both vicious strikes and punishing blows toward his opponents. He has a projectile similar to Eliza's but it is light blue similar to Claudio's and his projectiles involving in different forms such as spikes and an aura blast. He also has a counter grappling move where he takes down his opponent after failing to unleash his or her Rage Art by blocking the move (eg. Jin uses his Rage Art as a last resort to beat him but Geese blocks the move and grapples him down as a counter). However, such moves do not work against grappling attacks, such as Akuma's Wrath of Raging Demon Rage Art.

His Rage Art has him uppercut his opponent in mid-air and unleashes a powerful projectile known as Rashoumon, similar to Akuma's Messatsu Gohado beam from Marvel vs. Capcom series and Heihachi's final Rage Art move animation to knock his opponent in a massive damage. The way he unleashes his Rage Art is a blend between both Kazuya, Claudio and Heihachi's Rage Art. This technique is originally from his final appearance in the Fatal Fury series in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, which has started to become a part of his normal arsenal of moves.

Fighting Style

Geese uses Aikijutsu as his primary fighting style within the ancient martial arts of Hakkyokuseiken. Aikijutsu is a defensive martial arts style with several throws, counter throws and locks. Because of its defensive nature, it is a style that normally lacks striking attacks, and Geese's strikes seem to come from various disciplines of Japanese martial arts, mainly karate; though he also knows traditional and older schools of Japanese martial arts.

Hakkyokuseiken is a fictional Chinese martial art within the SNK universe taught to him by his former teacher Tung Fu Rue, that specializes in the cultivation and harnessing of qi. Skilled martial artists are said to have a great deal of internal power that comes with the style, including being able to channel their own qi to utilize as attacks. The affinity that he displays with his qi are themed after the wind and the skies, including a consistent sky blue color emanation, flowing yet slicing forms of energy, and being able to channel down lightning in his more powerful attacks. Geese is one three students of Tung Fu Rue that are prominent practitioners of this martial art.

Though Geese is from the USA, his extensive practice of such martial arts has lead nearly all of his techniques to be written and spoken out in Japanese. Via his codifying 2/3-way counter throws, some games may or may not allow Geese to even reverse physical supers/rage arts.


  • Reppuken
  • Double Reppuken
  • Shippuken
  • Jaeeiken
  • Fudouken
  • Atemi (his counter moves)
  • Raimei Goha Nage (his OTG throw)
  • Raging Storm
  • Raigou Reppuken
  • Rashoumon


Geese Howard/Quotes

Character Relationships

  • Heihachi Mishima - Possible Rival CEO. Geese deemed Heihachi as not strong enough to conquer the entire world, and wants him to continue his ambition through Geese himself, likely due to Heihachi's old age, predicting his incoming death at the hands of his own son Kazuya Mishima in their final battle.


  • Geese Howard is the second guest character confirmed for Tekken 7, the first guest being Akuma, as well as the third guest character overall, after Gon in Tekken 3.
    • His and Akuma's appearances in this game marks the return of Capcom and SNK clashes since SNK vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos.
  • He is the very first SNK character to be featured under the Bandai-Namco Entertainment banner.


Geese Howard/Gallery

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