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Gigas (ギガース Gigāsu?) is a character in the Tekken series who is introduced in the upcoming Tekken 7 as one of the new playable characters [3]. He was first seen as one of the four fighters (the other three being Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and Josie Rizal) whose in-game character models were leaked online in March 2015.



Gigas is a large red male behemoth creature with a mirrored helmet consisting of six "eyes" with a matching black steel collar. If one is to look closely, a glimpse of Gigas's mouth may be caught on some occassions. He only wears a black steel armor that is attached on both of his breasts with shoulder armor with three screws attached on his breast armor and another two screws attached on his shoulder armor, black trunks which is attached in each strap on his lower back of his armor.

He wears red and black wrestling boots where black armor is attached to his thigh and legs. He also has black armor that was attached on both arms similar to a gauntlet and has six long black cords that was hanging loose in the upper back where it was attached on part of his black armor, shoulder armor and each sides on his black steel collar.


Gigas' personality lingers more to an animalistic side than human, being only able to make sub-human grunts, shouts and gurgles.


Tekken 7

A fierce arms race between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation has lead the G Corporation to design a new military model to use in the war.

With one development team being lead by Jane who is behind the JACK series of military units and another in G Corporation that recently had a new biotechnological weapon development breakthrough. This breakthrough has lead to the creation of Gigas by enhancing the genes of strong fighters that turns them into fierce monsters.

Determined to test out it's new fighting capabilities and armed with a dislike to Heihachi Mishima, Gigas enters the King of Iron Fist tournament.


Fighting Style

Gigas fights using an "original" fighting style which is simply refered as "Destructive Impulse".  When observing the movements and motions of the character's attacks, it is safe to assume that no technique is utilized in this fighting style and is simply sheer brute force. Many of his moves and attack animations however, are derived from Vale Tudo practitioner Craig Marduk, possibly hinting that Gigas uses a hybrid form of Marduk's fighting style.



  • His design has been compared to that of a comic book character, in which his design holds many similarities to the Hard Suit from Gantz and DC Comics character Bane, especially in the TV series The Batman.
    • Additionally, his traits may also have been based on Marvel Comics character Savage Hulk.
  • Due to the similarity in appearance and fighting style, many fans have speculated that Gigas may actually be Australian fighter Craig Marduk; he however has clearly undergone a traumatic change if it is confirmed to be him.



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