Gigaton Punch (ギガトンパンチ/Gigaton Panchi) is an attack used by the Jack series of androids from the first Tekken game and onwards. In the first game's English version, the attack was called Debugger. Prototype Jack's version of the Gigaton Punch has him spinning his body instead of his left arm before finishing his opponent with a single left-handed straight punch.

Gigaton Punch has a curious form of input. The basic (and fastest) input is a simple hcb+1. However, the attack can be increased in power, at the cost of speed, by repeating the hcb before pressing 1. The cycle can be performed up to eight times, at which point Gigaton Punch will not only do monstrous damage, but be unblockable.

Asuka Kazama has a right-handed variation of the Gigaton Punch which is only accessible through her Rage Art.

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