800px-Christie Monteiro versus Nina Williams - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion

Nina guarding Christie's kick.

Guard (ガード Gādo) refers to the defense system in the Tekken games. You guard in the Tekken series by holding the down the direction opposite to your opponent- this is called a Standing Guard. Holding back and diagonally down results in a Crouch Guard. The player will also guard if they are standing still, called a Neutral Guard.

Although guard is a defensive position, a Standing Guard can be broken by a Throw, a low attack or an unblockable. A Crouch Guard can be broken by a mid attack or a low throw. Neutral Guards have the same weaknesses as Standing Guards but can also be broken by certain combos and hard hitting moves.

The player can choose to receive a small amount of damage while guarding, called chip damage, through the Options menu in some games.


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