Gugal-Ana, called Dáinsleif (ダーインスレイヴ Dāinsureivu) in Japan, is an attack used by Zafina. Its input is f+1+2. As a counter hit, it will knock the opponent back and down.


  • Gugal-Ana, the "Great Bull of Heaven", was the first husband of Ereshkigal. When Gilgamesh rejected the advances of Inanna, on account of the unpleasant fates that her lovers suffered the moment she became bored with them, Inanna and Ereshkigal sent Gugal-Ana to avenge Gilgamesh's impropriety with his death. However, with Enkidu's assistance, Gilgamesh killed Gugal-Ana. Enkidu was killed after he threatened to kill Inanna as he had Gugal-Ana if she threatened Gilgamesh again.
  • In Norse lore, Dáinsleif is an evil dwarf-forged sword. Whenever it is drawn, it compels its wielder to shed someone's blood before sheathing it again. Even if one is wounded, but not slain, by it, the wound will never fully heal.

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