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Heaven's Wrath

Heaven's Wrath (天国の怒り Tengoku no Ikari), also called the Diamond Wall Reversal or Glowing Hands, is an attack reversal by Heihachi Mishima as an evolution of his Right Kick Reversal‎.

Unlike the more "standard" Attack Reversal, Heihachi does not redirect the force of his opponent; he stops it by taking the blow and then doing damage by kicking away the opponent. In contrast to his Right Kick Reversal, Heaven's Wrath now reverses all the attacks an Attack Reversal would (i.e. high and mid attacks of any type), and not just Right Kicks.

When to use it

It can hardly be said that Heaven's Wrath is a good reversal, since Heihachi himself takes a great deal of damage (45 in Tekken 4, 50 in later games), regardless of how much damage the regular attack would have done, meaning that it should not be used to reverse regular attacks, especially not jabs that only do 5 damage.

Because of this, Heaven's Wrath should only be used in one of three scenarios:

  1. To get the glowing hands at the end of the move (if the move is not interrupted by an attack), which makes the next attack have CH properties.
  2. To reverse unblockables that the player does not have time to dodge or interrupt.
  3. If playing somewhere with an audience, and the player wants an extremely flashy win and has health to spare.

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