List of quotes for Heihachi Mishima.

Intro and Win Quotes

Intro Win
I won't die that easily, fools. Come back when you're ready to fight. (生まれ変わって出直して来い! umarekawatte denaoshi koi!)
Who are you fools? (貴様ら、誰じゃ? kisama-ra, dare jaThat felt good. Next! (これですっきりしたわい、次!koredesukkiri shitawai, tsugi!)
I'll squash you like a bug! (捻り潰してくれるわ hineri tsubushite kureru wa) No one can defeat me! (ワシは無敵じゃ washi wa muteki ja)
I'll be quick with your death! (悔やむ間もなく死ね! kuyamu mamonaku shine!)
Shall we begin? (始めるとするか hajimeru to suru ka)

Note: Namco's translation is not the literal translation.

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