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Heihachi Mishima/Tekken 5 Movelist is a list of all of the moves that Heihachi Mishima can perform in Tekken 5.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Neck Breaker (1+3_F+1+3) Front 35 1
Jumping Powerbomb (2+4_F+2+4) Front 35 2
Broken Toy qcf+1 Front 40 1
Stonehead f,f+1+2 Front 33 1+2
Headbutt Carnival f,f+1+4 Front 33 1+2
Guillotine Chop [F+] (1+3_2+4) Left 40 1
Freefall [F+] (1+3_2+4) Right 46 2
Atomic Drop [F+] (1+3_2+4) Back 60 None


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Flash Punch Combo 1,1<2 5,6,11 hhm KND
Left Right Combo 1,2 5,8 hh
Demon Slayer 1,2,2 5,8,12 hhh
Demon Executioner 1,2,2,1+2 5,8,22 hhm KND
Fake Executioner 1,2,2,1+2+(u_d) 5,8 hh
Demon Kicker 1,2,4 5,8,15 hhh KND
Demon Backhand Spin 2,2 10,12 hh
Quick Executioner 2,2,1+2 10,25 hm KND
Quick Executioner Feint 2,2,1+2,(u_d) 10
Demon Scissors 4~3 KND 25 M KND
Demons Breath 1+2 22 m CF KNDc
Demon Massacre f+1<b+2,1 6,21,25 hmm OC[2] KND
Demon Lair f+1<b+2,4 6,21,30 hmm OC[2] GB KND
Demon Shout f+2,1+2 25 m KND
Demon Shout Faint f+2,1+2,(u_d) 0 None
Lightning Crush f+3 24 m MS KNDc
Right Splits Kick f+4 27 m OC OCb SLDc SLDco
Chrome Dome f+1+2 15 h KND
Double Palm Strike d/f+1,1 8,5 mh
Twin Pistons d/f+1,2 8,17 mm JG
Demon's Wings d/f+1+2 33 m KND GB
Hammer Punch d+1 15 m OC RCj
Hammer Punch to Iron Hand d+1,2 26 m KND
Raijin Stance1 d+3+4 0 None
From 1Pulveriser 1 (21_50) m KND
From 1Raijin's Wrath 1,2 (21,24_30,35) mm SLD OCb
Eisho Mon d/b+2 14 L MS
Altar Splitter b+1 22 m KSc KSco OC GB
Demons Boar b+2 25 m OC CFSc
Hooking Crescent Kick b+3,3 14,21 hM SLD OCb
Twin Hammers b+1+2 20 m
Hell Axle u/f+3,4 15,17 hh GB KND
Wind Slicer u/f+4 25 m KND
Demon Uppercut f,f+2 30 m JG
Left Splits Kick f,f+3 30 m OCb JG
Deity Slayer b,b+1+2 (36_20,1) m KND GB CFS
Shadow Step b,b,N,3+4 0 None
Seiryu Mon b,f+2,2,1 14,12,23 mmh KND
Iron Hand qcf+2 30 m KND
Rising Uppercut f,N,d,d/f+2 23 h JG
Electric Wind Godfist f,N,d~d/f:2 25 h JG,GB
Dragon Uppercut f,N,d,d/f+1 31 m KND
Jumping Low Kick f,N,d,d/f+3 21 L KND
Jumping Mid Kick f,N,d,d/f+3 35 m KND,GB
Spinning Demon2 f,N,d,d/f+4,4,4 16,13,9 LLL KND,BS
From 2Tsunami Kick N,4,4 (14,21_9,10_7,10) mm KND,#1
From 2Spinning Demon Uppercut N,1 (37_14_10) m KND,#1
Leaping Side Kick f,f,f+3 30 m KND,GB
Dark Thrust WS+2 20 m MS,CFc
Tsunami Kick WS+4,4 13,18 mm KNDc
Crouching Dragon Kick FC+d/f+4 14 L KND,BS
Kidney Smasher SS+2 25 m CFc
Geta Stomp d+4 24 L #2
Auger 2+3+4 0 None
Heaven's Wrath (b+1+3_b+2+4) 0 None #3
Supercharger 1+2+3+4 0 None
  1. Depending on when the move is started, damage will vary accordingly
  2. Can only be used while the enemy is down
  3. The move is partly a supercharger and partly a parry. See Heaven's Wrath for more details

String Hits

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1 10 7,8,6,7,6,11,5,5,8,30 hhhhmmlhmm
d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,4 10 17,5,6,8,8,5,10,5,6,35 mhhLLmhhmm
d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,1 10 17,5,6,8,8,5,10,5,6,30 mhhLLmhhmm
d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,2,1,2,1 10 17,5,6,8,8,5,5,8,21,17 mhhLLmhmmm


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Lightning Bolt 2 Raijin Stance (50_70) (!) CF,#1
Lightning Hammer D+1+4 70  ! KND
  1. If the user waits until Heihachi's hands turn blue (in the Raijin stance) damage will be 70

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