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A fast and unpredictable flurry of kicks is demonstrated by Heihachi as he performs the Hell Axle.

The Hell Axle is a move shared by the older practitioners of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate, most notably Heihachi Mishima and his father, Jinpachi Mishima.


Its command input is u/f+3,4. During the animation, the character will perform a high leap while kicking horizontally with the left feet first, and then followed by a right roundhouse kick to the opponent.

When to use

The Hell Axle serves as a pressure tool and a finisher with a respectable damage output. Players are always reminded to not be fooled by its slow animation: The move runs at -15 frames per second, and at the same time provides a +6 frame advantage on block, meaning the move is completely safe on punishers.

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