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The Hell Lancer.

The Hell Lancer, or simply known by fans as Demon Slash Kick, is a move possessed by Kazuya Mishima and is introduced in his appearance in Tekken 6. During the animation, Kazuya will perform a crouch-dash, then leaps forward while delivering a high-flying left kick on the opponent. The command input is f,N,d,D/F+3.

When to use

Up until Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the Hell Lancer isn't a good choice for a combo mix-up, since the attack sends the opponent flying far. In TTT2 though, the move is more often used by experienced players who wish to deal a lot of damage by tag combos due to it being a good launching finisher against an opponent.


  • Kazuya can be seen performing the Hell Lancer in one of his win pos animations since his re-introduction in Tekken 4 and onwards.

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