Hon-Maru - T4

Hon-Maru (本丸 Honmaru?) is a stage in Tekken 4. To play in the stage, the player must either play until the final battle in Jin Kazama's story mode or unlocking the stage permanently by successfully completing Tekken Force mode with any character. The setting is a sacred pagoda as there is a giant Buddha statue in the background. The entire floor of Hon-Maru appears to be constructed entirely of wood since the floor creaks whenever a character moves. There are also many lanterns illuminating the area that are held by golden Buddhist statues.

This is the location where Heihachi Mishima trapped Jin Kazama after capturing him and where he lured Kazuya Mishima in the 4th King of Iron Fist Tournament. Jin fights both his father and grandfather here. After fleeing the scene by turning into Devil Jin in his half-transformed state, the compound is swarmed by Jack-4 robots as Raven watches on. Heihachi and Kazuya fend off the robots for a brief period before Kazuya betrays his father and throws him into the fray as he makes his escape. The robots pile onto Heihachi and then simultaneously detonate, supposedly killing him.

Jinpachi Mishima was sealed beneath Hon-Maru by his son, Heihachi, and awakens in the aftermath of the explosion to host The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "The Inner Shrine".

Tekken 4-The Inner Shrine (Hon-Maru)

Tekken 4-The Inner Shrine (Hon-Maru)


  • This stage is included in the Tekken 4 minigame Tekken Force where Heihachi Mishima is the boss. After beating him in this mode, the stage is unlocked.
  • In Tekken 5, it was revealed that Jinpachi Mishima was imprisoned somewhere beneath Hon-Maru.
  • There is a stage in Tekken 5 that is presumably a partially destroyed Hon-Maru, after the explosion caused by the Jack-4 robots in the prologue.
  • This is also where Heihachi Mishima recalls the explosion here in Lee Chaolan's Tekken 5 ending.
  • A temple like this is shown at the background of Final Stage and Final Stage 2.
  • A similar stage to Hon-Maru, Mishima Dojo, appears in Tekken 7 (complete with the large Buddha statue), even though it should have been destroyed after the events of Tekken 5. This stage is first seen in the initial trailer for Tekken 7 where Kazumi Mishima is seen praying to the Buddha statue. The stage has a large spotlight that canvasses the middle area of the stage and parts of the floor appear to be stone as opposed to wood.