Industrial Highway 357 is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode. Hwoarang is fought as a boss here, but players will be fighting him in the Urban War Zone stage. Some of the minions uses Hwoarang's moves in this stage.

Trophy/achievement: Locate the Target


  • Men in denim jacket
  • Men in white shirt
  • Shirtless men
  • Terrorists
  • Girl with ponytail (brown hair only)
  • Girl with hair down (both brown and blonde)
  • Claw Robots (only in the final round)
  • Alien


  • The female minion with a brown ponytail still uses Hwoarang's move in the Mixed Martial Arts Gym "Wild Kingdom" stage. While in other stages showing this minion, she uses Julia Chang's moves.
  • Whenever the player uses Miguel or Baek Doo San in this stage, the players talking will be skipped.
  • This is the only stage in Single Player where the Alien attacks the player. The only way he does it is by jumping on the player when they get too close before it proceeds to jumping.

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