Inferno (インフェルノ inferuno), originally called Killer Beam in the US and EU versions of Tekken 2 (it has always been called Inferno in the Japanese version), is an unblockable move used by Devil and Angel. Devil Jin has a similar move called Hellfire Blast, however, while Inferno only travels in a straight line and then dissipates, Hellfire Blast travels in a straight line (in a much quicker fashion), and then depending on input, either upwards, towards the screen, or away from it.

Inferno can be avoided by simply crouching or sidestepping. In Tekken 2, you only need to evade the start of the laser; your character can then walk through the laser beam unharmed, leaving Devil open for attack. Doing the same in Tekken Tag Tournament will result in your character ending up on the ground minus 40 health.

Effect on robots

Unlike with other characters, if Devil (also applies for Angel, but for simplicity, only Devil will be mentioned) uses his laser on any of the Jack robots, it will cause them to go haywire screaming the same as the do when they are knocked out. The exact effects will be listed in the same order as the clips in this video. This feature made its debut in Tekken Tag Tournament, thus will not work in Tekken 2.

  • Clips 1-3: Any laser attack that connects will cause the Jacks to go haywire and perform the Haywire Windmill Punches, given that Jack is standing on the ground. If he is airborne, nothing happens.
  • Clip 4: During the Windmill Punches, if Devil successfully fires his laser a second time, the Jacks will evade the beam by doing a Haywire Sliding Attack.
  • Clip 5: The Sliding Attack does not activate if shot a second time from behind.
  • Clips 6-8: If attacked with a high or mid attack during the Windmill Punches, the Jacks will perform Haywire Clock Up, which will do damage if the attack by Devil (or tag partner) connects. Low or special mid attacks will however connect normally and not cause the Haywire Clock Up.
  • Clips 9-10: It is not necessary for an attack to actually connect with the Jacks' bodies, as long as it's within the programmed hitboxes. So purposely whiffing an attack can make the Jacks perform Haywire Clock Up, without Devil taking any damage. However, any attack or grab attempt to the Jacks during the Haywire Clock Up animation will have the same effects as explained above (this includes lows or special mids, the Jacks are completely invincible during Haywire Clock Up).
  • Clips 11-12: It is during the entire animation of the Haywire Windmill Punches that the Jacks can go into Haywire Clock Up or Haywire Sliding Attack, not just while the arms are swinging.

In Tekken 5 onwards, none of this applies. Using Inferno on Jack-5, Jack-6, P. Jack or Alisa will cause them to shake and fall down. During this animation, pressing A+B will cause them to perform a Haywire Clock-Up instead of falling, and restore some of their lost energy.

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