T7 Stage - Infinite Azure

Infinite Azure is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7. It takes place on a shallow lake bed. It appears to be on a cloudy day in a remote area. There are no boundaries (as noted by the stage's name, "infinite"). Occasionally, fish can be seen flopping in the background. Some mountains can be seen in the distance as well.


  • This is one of seven stages in which no character's ending takes place here. The others are Abandoned Temple, Brimstone & Fire, Geometric Plane, Kinder Gym, Precipice of Fate, and Violet Systems.
    • Additionally, this, Geometric Plane and Kinder Gym are the only stages that do not host any major fights in the game. Abandoned Temple is home to Akuma's Arcade Mode boss battle, Brimstone & Fire is where the main finale takes place, as well as the bonus fight between Devil Kazuya and Akuma, the prologue of the game's Story Mode takes place in Precipice of Fate and the sixth and seven chapters of The Mishima Saga take place in Violet Systems.


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