The Iron Hand, or Iron Fist, is Heihachi's signature move. Not only does it bear the name of the game, but also the essence of the character and the game storyline itself.

The Iron Hand, also known in Japanese as Iron Fist (鉄拳 Tekken?) is the signature move of Heihachi Mishima and was used by him since the very first Tekken game. Arguably one of the most iconic moves in the game, the Iron Hand is the symbol of Heihachi's personality, and thus the embodiment of the struggles and feuds the family had been sharing. The command input for this move is qcf+2. Until Tekken 6 Heihachi was able to chain Iron Hand after a Hammer Punch

Properties and use

Although it looks simple, the Iron Hand is one of Heihachi's indispensable tools in winning all of his fights. This is supported by three main reasons:

  1. The Iron Hand is basically used as a whiff punisher. An opponent that poorly executes a high or low string will end up pulverized by this move, adding the fact that it will deal 100% damage and always a clean hit when it connects to the opponent.
  2. Aside from being a whiff punisher, this move can also be used as a combo finisher, although the execution must be made perfect in order for the combos to hit successfully, especially since this move has a noticeable wind-up time.
  3. On counter-hit, the move does the same damage as Paul's Phoenix Smasher albeit the latter is not on counter-hit.

Properties and use

  • The animation of the Iron Hand from the first Tekken games share the same animation as that of the Phoenix Smasher and Power Punch , although as the series progress and the graphics were improving, so does the move's animation change as well.