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Jack-2/Tekken Tag Tournament Movelist is a list of all the moves that Jack-2 can perform in Tekken Tag Tournament.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Body Press1 1+3 Front 25 None
From 1Hammer 1+2 10 None
Body Slam 2+4 Front 30 2
Backbone Breaker 2+4 Left 40 2
Spiral Drop Bomb 2+4 Right 40 1
Death Shoot 2+4 Behind 70 None
Reverse Throw BT+2+4 Any Depends on type 2
Back Breaker qcb+2 Front 45 2
Pyramid Driver qcf+1 Front 40 1
Catapult d/f+2+4 Front 30 2
Rising Hell d,d/f+1 Front 30 2
Pile Driver d/b,f+1+2 Front 58 1+2


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Jack Hammer 1,1,1 18,15,18 hhm KND
Jack Elbow Smash 2,1,2 12,15,20 hmm JG
Double Hammer 1+2<1+2 21,17 mm KND
Power Scissors f+1+2 17 m KND
Power Scissors to Meltdown f+1+2,1+2 17,12 mL KND
Cut Saw Blast f+1+2,D/F+2 17,20 mm KND
Atomic Shoulder Tackle f+3+4 28 m KND
Double Ax d+1+2 45 m JG
Sit1 3+4 0 None
From 1Pancake Press 3+4 Sit 35 M
From 1Sit Punches 1 1,2,1,2 Sit 10,10,10,10 LLLL MS
From 1Sit Punches 2 2,1,2,1 Sit 10,10,10,10 LLLL MS
Pancake Press u/f+3+4 26 M
Get Up Smash d+1+2 #1 12 m
Rushing Uppercut Left d/f+1,2,1,2 10,15,10,15 mmmm
Rushing Uppercut Right d/f+2,1,2,1 12,10,6,7 mmmm JG
Machinegun Blast d/b+1,1,1,1,1,2 12,15,?,?,?,40 lllllm KND
Cossack Kicks d/b+3,4,3,4,3,4 18,12,10,12,12,12 LLLLLL
Atomic Hook f,f+2 27 h KND
Granite Stomping f,f+3 22 M GB
Melt Down FC+1+2 21 l KND
Megaton Strike FC+1,2 10,25 Lm KND
Hammer Rush 1 Low FC+1,1,1,2,D+1 10,8,12,12,8 LLmmL
Hammer Rush 1 Mid FC+1,1,1,2,D/F+1 10,8,12,12,15 LLmmm
Hammer Rush 1 High FC+1,1,1,2,F+1 10,8,12,12,12 LLmmh
Hammer Rush 2 Low FC+D/F+1,2,D+1 15,12,8 mmL
Hammer Rush 2 Mid FC+D/F+1,2,D/F+1 15,12,15 mmm
Hammer Rush 2 High FC+D/F+1,2,F+1 15,12,12 mmh
Hammer Rush 3 Low FC+D/F+2,D+1 10,8 mL
Hammer Rush 3 Mid FC+D/F+2,D/F+1 15,10 mm
Hammer Rush 3 High FC+D/F+2,F+1 15,12 mh
Swing R Knuckle FC+d/f+2,1,2 15,10,15 mmm
Windmill Punch FC+d/f+1,2,1,1 12,15,15,30 mmmh KND,GB
Killing Uppercut WS+1 20 m JG
Double Hammer Alternate WS+1+2,1+2 21,13 mM JG,KND
Discharger SS+1 20 M JG
Barrel Jacket Hammer SS+1+2 35 h KND,GB
Debugger b,d/b,d,D/F+1 25 L KND
Megaton Blast b,d/b,d,D/F+2 33 m KND
Supercharger 1+2+3+4 0 None
  1. 1 User must be lying face up on the ground with feet towards opponent

String Hits

Command Hits Damage Hit Range
d+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,1+2,1+2 10 10,6,5,7,7,6,6,8,21,25 SmLLmmmmmmm
d+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,d+1+2,1+2 10 10,6,5,7,7,6,6,8,12,28 SmLLmmmmmlm
u/f+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,1+2,1+2 10 15,8,5,5,5,8,6,8,21,25 mmLLLmmmmm
u/f+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,d+1+2,1+2 10 15,8,5,5,5,8,6,8,12,28 mmLLLmmmlm


Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Gigaton Punch b,B+1(followed by lever spin)+1 #1 (20_40_60_80_199) #2 (m_!) #3
  1. 1 By "Lever Spin", the user must press d,d/b,b,u/b,u,u/f,f,d/f which is a full rotation on the game pad and repeat up to 6 times. If the user rotates 6 times, Jack will continue the "windup" animation for a little longer but will not be able to attack.
  1. 2 Damage depends on how many times the user rotates the pad. with each successful windup animation, the potential damage will increase by 20 - unless the user reaches "5" in which damage jumps to 199
  1. 3 Ending the windup animation after the first windup will make the attack blockable, but with Guard Break properties

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