Jane has long blond hair with fringes at the center and long single fringes in each side and is tied into a bun, and blue eyes. As a child during the Tekken 2 opening, she appears in a bob. In Tekken 3, she is depicted as a brunette rather than blond.

Tekken 2

In the Tekken 2 opening, Jane appears as a child and wears a red long winter coat with a black and light pink collared dress beneath her coat. This appearance where she was detected by two Jack-2's.

In Jack-2's ending, her hair is now tied into a bun adorned with a blue ribbon and wears a pink long sleeve shirt that reaches through her elbows, a light pink skirt with a red belt around her waist, white short socks and black flats.

Tekken: The Motion Picture

In the non-canon animation movie, Tekken: The Motion Picture, Jane appears wearing a white short sleeved sailor fuku as the color of her fuku is blue with white linings, blue pleated skirt with white linings at the edge, white socks and brown shoes. Her blond hair is loose and is adorned with a dark red ribbon on her head.

Tekken 3

Jane is now depicted as a brunette with brown hair instead of blond which it was seen in Gun Jack's ending.

Her outfit is a red sleeveless shirt, pale brown denim shorts with a black belt around her waist and black boots. Her hair is now tied in a high ponytail.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

Jane becomes blond once again and wears a long white sleeveless collared dress with a belt as an addition to her outfit and white high heels. Her blond hair is now tied in a slick back ponytail and is adorned with a pink headband. At the Tekken 5 prologue, she was seen wearing a white lab coat which she works at the Mishima Industries and later in G Corporation.

Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion

(Same as Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection)

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