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200px-Jeff Slater
Slater in Marduk's Tekken 4 ending.
Full Name Jeff Slater
Status Alive
Fighting Style Vale Tudo
Species Human
Occupation Vale Tudo Champion

Jeff Slater is the Vale Tudo champion during the events of Tekken 4 who, apparently, used to watch all of Craig Marduk's fights on television, implying that he was a fan of Marduk.

When Marduk went to an abandoned fight arena, during his Tekken 4 ending, Slater appeared and challenged him to a fight, saying that it will be the best unofficial bout ever and alluding to Marduk's expulsion in the wake of a scandal. Marduk ignored him and tried to leave, but was stopped in his tracks by Slater, who accused him of running away and being scared of seeing "legendary fighter KO'ed" in the headlines. Jeff was eventually taken down by a single headbutt by Marduk, who proceeded to step on him as he left the arena after telling him to not get up.

Going by first impressions, he seems to be an egotistical, judgmental, and self-centered man.

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