Jin Kazama has worn a great deal of outfits during the course of the Tekken games. Many of his outfits feature flames on the right side of his pants. He always wears either gloves or gauntlets (though his gauntlets are bigger in his Player 1 outfits).

Tekken 3

Jin Kazama - Player One Costume - Tekken 3

Jin's Player 1 outfit

Player 1 outfit:
Jin is always in shirtless and wears black trousers with a flame design on the right side of his pants with orange and yellow tint and also red and black footpads. He also wears red and black gauntlets with a white pyramid pattern at the center of his gauntlets. In his or Heihachi's ending and his in-game appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament, he has a white tie at the center of his black trousers.
Jin T3

Jin's Player 2 outfit

Player 2 outfit:
He wears a golden yellow colored jacket with rolled up sleeves and a kanji word meaning "Japan" printed on the back. He also wears red gloves with ten metallic studs arranged in an upside down triangle similar to his gauntlets from his Player 1 outfit. His pants are colored dark blue with red stripes on both sides. He also wears black boots and knee protectors.
Jin Kazama - Player Three Costume - Tekken 3

Jin's Player 3 outfit

Player 3 outfit:
Jin wears a standard Mishima Polytechnic High School uniform. Jin wears a dark blue, V-neck blazer with the sleeves rolled up (same as the one his 2P Model sports), and the school logo on the left side. His pants are green-ish with orange lines running through them. And he wears brown colored leather shoes. He still wears the gloves from his Player 2 outfit. This outfit is unlocked by playing as Jin 50 times.

Tekken Tag Tournament


Jin's Player 3 and 4 outfits

Player 1 outfit:
Jin retains his primary outfit from Tekken 3. But now he has an alternate version of the outfit where his red gauntlets and the flames on his pants changed to blue.
Player 2 outfit:
His Tekken 3 second player outfit, only his gloves are now dark blue and his golden yellow jacket is now red.
His 3P, 4P, and 5P outfits still remain the same.

Tekken 4


Jin's Player 1 and 2 outfit

Jin returns in the fourth game as he wears two new default outfits. This introduces his hoodie attire as his second outfit as his primary outfit is similar to his father, Kazuya's which is his karate attire with flame designs.
Player 1 outfit:
He now wears a black and white short-sleeved openly karate gi with his tattoo printed on the back. He also wears a white and red spiral patterned gloves with a "wind" logo in the middle of his gauntlets. He has a dark blue and white karate belt. His karate gi pants are colored white on the left side and black with small white flames on the right and white and red footpads. The soles of his footpads are black which it was shown in his father's ending after he himself being defeated by his own father. The "wind" logo is the symbol of the Kazama's crest similar to his mother Jun's third outfit in Tekken Tag Tournament.
During his story mode, while fighting both his father and grandfather at Hon-Maru, he loses the top of his karate gi after been captured by the Tekken Forces. This outfit is later seen in his Tekken 5 prologue and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection console opening.
Player 2 outfit:
He wears a white and blue hoodie jacket with a black undershirt, pants with gold flame designs on each side of his jacket and wears red and white sneakers. He retains his gauntlets from his 1P model.

In the console version of Tekken 7, his second outfit became as part of his customization.

Namco X Capcom


Jin in Namco X Capcom

Player 1 outfit
(See Tekken 4 Player 2 outfit)

Tekken 5


Jin's Player 1 and 2 outfits

Player 1 outfit:
He now wears an alternate version of his primary outfit from Tekken 4 where he loses the top of his gi as his black karate gi pants have a large white flame on the right side of his pants and has three small white flames on the left. His white spiral patterned gloves has minor changes and it has red and blue underneath his gauntlets. In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the flame of his pants and his gauntlets changed from white to red.
This outfit is later seen in the last part of his Tekken 5 prologue, Heihachi and his Tekken 5 ending.
Player 2 outfit:
His Player 2 outfit from Tekken 4 has minor change as the white part of his hoodie jacket changed to light blue making his outfit appear in different shades of blue but retains the gold flames. In Dark Resurrection, the color of his jacket and pants has changed to purple while retaining the gold flames.

Jin's Player 3 outfit

Player 3 outfit
A new extra costume. Can be purchased in the customization mode, it costs 500.000 G. He wears a white unzipped jacket covered with black furs on both arms and blue flames that don't cover his full torso. He also wears a pair of red and white gloves with metallic studs. He ties his other white shirt around his waist that shapes into a ribbon belt. He wears white pants with red zippers running through them and has a thick blue line from the right side at the back of his white pants. He also wears black sneakers and white soles. In Dark Resurrection, this outfit is available from the start.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

58743-341066 106486 jin kazama super

Jin's outfit in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Jin kept his "hooded jacket"-outfit, but took a step away from the gi outfit and color scheme that he had used in Tekken 4 and Tekken 5, and instead "went back to his roots". He wore an outfit extremely similar to the player one outfit he had worn in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, except that the flame on his right pant leg was now fully red (with default settings), instead of having a linear tint. Other differences to his old player one outfit include the small, red flame pattern on his left pant leg covering the outer side of his thigh, that he still wears the black belt from Tekken 4, and that the symbol from his gloves are also those of Tekken 4, despite their changed color scheme.

Tekken 6

Jin Kazama and Lili (T6)

Jin's outfit in the 2006 trailer


Jin's outfits in Tekken 6

Player 1 outfit:
His primary outfit from Tekken 3. The red flame on his black karate gi pants is now large with orange and yellow tint. He also has a black and yellow karate belt to his waist and his red and black gauntlets are now bulkier than the previous one. He now wears red spiked detachable gauntlets and red and black footpads.
He also wears this outfit in both Lee and his devil form's endings.

In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, his primary outfit in Tekken 6 became as part of his customization but with a minor change; the outlines from the red flame design within his black karate gi pants changes to neon red to match the color of the flame design and the outlines from his karate belt is white. His red spiked detachable gauntlets now have a gray buckle beneath the dark gray straps from his gauntlets. But in the console version, the outlines from his red flame design reverted back to its original yellow as both his karate belt and gauntlets remain unchanged.

Player 2 outfit:
Jin wears his CEO outfit, a black trenchcoat with a Mishima Zaibatsu insignia at the left side of his collar. Underneath is gray long sleeve button shirt with black lightning designs, purplish black pants with a black belt to his waist and black shoes.
This outfit was first seen in his ending in Tekken 5 and his pants were brown instead of purplish black and his shoes are dark gray instead of black but retains both of his trenchcoat and his button shirt to its original colors. He also wears this outfit in both arcade and console opening in Tekken 6 as well as both Miguel and Xiaoyu's ending as the color of his CEO outfit is fully black.

In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, his CEO outfit became his customization and his button shirt with black lightning designs are now white like his appearance in Hwoarang's ending in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

  • Before he wears both of his default outfits in the game release during the E3 2006 extended trailer, Jin wears his devil form's clothes which he wears black pants with a large red flame with a brown belt to his waist and different pair of short boots (red on the right and black on the left). In addition to his outfit, he wears a black tank top and red and black gauntlets. After Hwoarang rams him with his motorcycle in an explosion which he was forced to transform into his devil form, Devil Jin. His black tank top was destroyed as a result of the explosion that renders him in shirtless.
  • Using custom items, it is also possible to make a new version of his hooded outfit with a slightly different design than the one he wore in Tekken 4. His customizations consists of training shirts in different colors and designs, jackets, rider gear outfit, high neck shirts, long school jacket with different designs and a matching pants with his devil tattoo buckle on his belt, zippered pants, and his emperor military gear similar to Lars' primary outfit but has a Mishima Zaibatsu emblem at the center of the chest instead of the Lion emblem.

Jin's new CLAMP outfit

Player 3 outfit:
Namco has also released a new "Clamp" outfit for Jin as a new alternate costume.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit:
(See Tekken 6 Player 1 outfit)
Player 2 outfit:
The same as his Player 1 outfit from Tekken 6 but, colored in Tekken 5 Player 1 colors.
Jin Swimsuit 2

Jin in his swimsuit DLC.

  • He can be customized either of both Player 1 or Player 2 outfits in different outfits consists of a Karate attire, formal suits, casual attire, a skin-tight rider gear outfit, and modern clothes in his age similar to the hoodie jacket that he wore in Tekken 4 consists of jersey jackets, loose shirts, denim pants, and sneakers. The main example of his customization has him wearing a white short sleeve v-neck loose shirt with an orange flame design and the sign "Justice" at the back of his shirt, denim pants and sneakers.
  • His Swimsuit DLC is just like almost all the male characters except Lee, Bob, Wang, and Ganryu which he wears only a pair of Fundoshi and matching wrestling boots but it can be chosen in three default colors. Unlike other male characters when it was customized in their Fundoshi swimsuit DLC, Jin's buttocks are revealed and it was shown to have no butt while wearing the outfit due to him who always wearing pants from his main appearances just to conceal his revealing side. This also happens to his devil form when he wears the outfit.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 6 Player 1 outfit)

Swap Costume:

Jin's swap costume is based on C.Viper. He wears a black formal suit jacket with red flames that cover his full torso with a pale blue openly button shirt underneath, black pants with a black belt to his waist and brown shoes. His hair is dark red and his sunglasses are yellow. He wears black gloves.

Alternate Costume:

His primary outfit from Tekken 6. In addition, he wears a white long vest with flames with an orange and yellow tint which is tied at the center of his torso, red greaves, and white flip flops which he wore along with his red and black footpads. He also wears black and lavender sleeves to cover his red detachable gauntlets as his hair is extended to have a high ponytail with a Japanese hair clip. He wears a short white headband and a flame designed Japanese flag was tied at the back.

Tekken 7

TK7 Jin-punching-Hwoarang

Jin knocks Hwoarang's face while wearing his new main outfit but his hood was knocked off during the fight

Player 1 outfit:

Jin's new main outfit appears to be a combination between his hoodie jacket from Tekken 4 and his black rider outfit from the arcade opening of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

He wears a black leather hoodie jacket with black and red flame design at his hood and dark gray and red at the lower part of his jacket and back, dark gray leather pants with a large black flame design and red outlines at the left side of his pants and a red belt to his waist and red boots with two gold designs. He also wears a large red shoulder armor with gold round shape designs on each side of the jacket and a gold devil tattoo design at the left. He now wears red and black gauntlets with a gold pyramid pattern at the center with two gold round shape designs on each side of his gauntlets. At the upper back of his jacket, it has a black phoenix design below the dark gray and red flame designs.

In Miguel's ending, he wears this outfit when he was beaten up by Miguel himself.

His alternate color palette is white and maintains the original colors of his primary outfit.

  • In Story Mode, Jin is depicted wearing his devil form's new main outfit during his apprehension by the UN at his comatose state and being possessed by his devil form to break free from his straitjacket and destroys the UN's chopper with a single Hellfire Blast to escape as he awakens from his coma at the desert but in a weakened state. He is later covered in a yellow brown hooded-like cloak. The cloak itself reaches through his abs but at the back, it was long up to the leg with a shred at the edge and his hood gains a half-mask to conceal the half of his face he also gains a devil tattoo on his forehead when he was still possessed by his devil form. He wears this cloak to walk through the sandstorms of the desert and being pursued by the Arab soldiers. This appearance is known as his Desert outfit. He loses the hood-like cloak when he arrives at the market in his weakened state due to his transformation as a devil and being saved by his rival Hwoarang from getting hurled by a grenade in explosion which resulted in Hwoarang injuring his right eye, he appears barehanded and the color of his outfit is white and gray on front but at the back of his pants in each sides remained red and his short boots are black. After he collapses and being rescued by Lars, he was last seen at the medical facility within the Violet Systems and he briefly loses the top of his outfit as he retains his pants and shoes from his devil form's new main outfit. He currently wears this outfit while he was recovering from his comatose state at another branch of Violet Systems.
  • At the end of the Story Mode after his recovery from his comatose state, Jin finally wears his current main outfit but replaces his black leather hoodie to a black high-neck openly rider jacket with a small shoulder pauldron in each side and a zipper going down to his waist. He retains both of his dark gray leather pants and his red boots from his current attire and instead of wearing his red and black gauntlets, he wears a red and black rider gloves with silver metallic studs in a pyramid pattern and black studs in each finger.
  • He can be customized in four various slots within his current main outfit and gains more different outfits than the previous games consist of his current main outfit in different colors and designs, a royal military attire, a Chinese warrior gear, pirate chic outfit, an updated Karate attire, a military assault gear, leather jackets either with sleeves or sleeveless, an agent attire with a bulletproof vest, a wrestling gear, gang leader school uniform, green sporty attire and modern casual clothes which shows off his maturity within his age consists of loose shirts in different colors and designs, jersey jackets, a white and black short sleeved openly checkered button shirt, jeans with different designs, short boots and brown leather shoes. For the first time, Jin can be customized to wear cargo shorts and short shorts that resemble hot pants within his customizations. He can also be customized both of his outfits in Tekken 6 and his Player 2 outfit in Tekken 4.
  • His swimsuit DLC is like the rest of the male characters except Bob and Leo who wears a pair of a white modified fundoshi which is previously worn by both Heihachi and Akuma with a matching hand wraps and is barefeet but can change in any different colors. While wearing the outfit, it is similar to a normal brief even at the back. But both his bare thighs and legs are revealed and appears more muscular than before and it was similar to his father's when it was shown at the front.

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