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List of quotes for Jin Kazama.

Intro and Win Quotes

Intro Win
Come on. (来い koi) The Mishima bloodline ends here. (三島の血は、俺が絶つ! mishima no chi wa, ore ga tatsu!) (Removed in TK6, re-added in TK7)
Don't get in my way. (邪魔するな! jama suru na) Forgive me. (許せ yuruse) (Removed in TK6)
He's waiting for me... (奴が、待っている... yatsu ga, matteiru) (Removed in TK6, re-added in TK7) I'll get you... (待っている matteiru) (Removed in TK6)
Fear the wrath of God! (恐怖を教えてやろう! kyōfu wo oshiete yarō) Pitiful! (くだらん kudaran)

Power is everything! (力こそ全てだ! chikara koso subete da)

This is reality. (これが現実だ。 kore ga genjitsu da)
Pointless (無駄だ。 muda da) You're a joke. (無様だな buzama da na)

Note: Namco's translation is not the literal translation.

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