The following is a list of all moves that Jin Kazama can perform in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Throw Name Command Type Damage Escape Properties
Double Face Kick 1+3 Front 30 1 None
Over the Shoulder Reverse 2+4 Front 30 2 Reverse Position
Shoulder Flip


Left 43 2 None
Over the Limit 2+4 Right 40 2 None
Pivoting Hip Throw 2+4 Back 50 None None
Shun Ren Dan d/f+2+3 Front 40 2 Tag with Hwoarang
Tidal Wave u/f+1+2 Front 30 1+2 None
Complicated Wire qcb+1+3 Front 35 1 None

Time with Enemy Attack

b+1+3 or b+2+4

Front N/A N/A None

Tag Throws

Tag Throws Command Input
Normal Tag Throw Tag+2
With Hwoarang df+3,2+Tag
With Lars df+3,2+Tag
With Kazuya df+3,2+tag or tag+f,f+1+2+Tag
With Devil Jin Tag+f,f+1+2+Tag


Move Name Command Type  


Left Right Combo 1,2 H, H 22
Left Right Axe Kick 1,2,3 H, H, M 23
Left Right to Spinning Hook Kick 1,2,4 H, H, H 35
Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo1 1,3,2,1,4 H, H, M, M, L 52

NI Rengeki Sen

1,3 Back H, H, Special Action 19
Feint Kick Combo1 1,3~3,d/f+3 H, M, M
Left Jab to Double Low 1,d+3,4 H, L, L
Double Thrust Roundhouse 2,1,4 H, M, M

Double Thrust Low Trick Kick

2,1,4~4 H, M, L
Switch Blade 2,4(or 2~4) H, H
Kishin Rekko 3,1,4 H, H, L
High Right Roundhouse 4 H
Spinning Flare Kick 4~3 M
Median Line Destruction 1+2 M, M, H
Right Elbow f+2 H
Left Roundhouse f+3 M
Stinger f+3~3 M
Heat Seeker f+3~3,d/f+3 M, M
Front Thrust Kick1 f+4 M f - Zenshin
Double Chamber Punch1 f+1+2 H, H
Mid Left Punch To High Roundhouse Kick d/f+1,4 M, H
Mid Left Punch To Mid Sidekick d/f+1~4,4 M, M
Uppercut d/f+2 M
Left Sidekick to Stinger d/f+3,3 M, H
Left Sidekick to Stinger Sen d/f+3,3b M, H, Special Action

Right Spinning Axe Kick

d/f+4 M
Suigetsu Strike d/f+1+2 M
Corpse Thrust d+1 M
Knee Popper to Sidekick d+3,3 L, M
Right Sweep d+4 L
Zenshin d+1+2 Special Action
Double Lift Kick d+3+4 M, M
Savage Sword d/b+2,2,3 M, H, M
Tensho Rakufu d/b+2,3 M, M
Left Spinning Back Kick d/b+3 H
Right Low Roundhouse d/b+4 L
Mental Alertness (2) b+1 Special Action N/A

f - Dash

d/f - Crouch


Left Drill Punch During Mental Alertness (2) - 1 M From (2)
Spine Cracker During Mental Alertness (2) - 1,2 M, M From (2)
Swaying Willow During Mental Alertness (2) - 2 M From (2)
Leaping Side Kick During Mental Alertness (2) - 3 H From (2)
Right Sweep (2) During Mental Alertness (2) - 4 L From (2)
Joudan Tsukiage Niren During Mental Alertness (2) - 1+2 H, H From (2)
Shun Masatsu b+2,1 M, M
Left Knee b+3 M
Spinning Sidekick b+4 M
Power Stance b+1+2 M
Avenger b/u+1+2 (b,b to cancel) Unblockable
Evading Middle Strike u/f+2 M
Left Spinning Jump Kick u/f+3 M
Front Jump Kick u+4(or u/f+4) M
Demon's Paw f,F+2 M
Left Axe Kick f,F+3 M
Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo f,F+3, 1, 3, 2, 1, 4 M, H, H, M, M, L
Right Axe Kick f,F+4 M
Evil Intent b,f+2,1,2 M, H, M
Keito b,f+2,3 M, M
Thrusting Uppercut f,N,d~d/f:1 M
Right Roundhouse Punch f,N,d,d/f+2 H
Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (L.L.R.K.) f,N,d,d/f+4 L
L.L.R.K. to Spinning Flare Kick f,N,d,d/f+4, 3+4 L, M
Twin Lancer WS+1, 2 M, M
Crouching Uppercut WS+2 M
Bamboo Splitter WS+ 3 M
Black Out While Enemy is Down d+2 L
Mental Alertness 1+3+4 Special Action N/A Taunt
Jin and Asuka GREAT! Combo (When partnered with Asuka) b+1+2~5~2~3~1+2 !,H,H,H

10 Hit Combo

Command Type Damage
f+2,3,3,3,2,1,2,3,4,2 H, L, M, H, M, M, H, L, H 120

"Omen" Stance

Move Commands Type
Omen Stance (When partnered with Mishimas) b+1+2~1,1,4 Special Action
Flash Punch Combo 1,1,2 H, H, H
Demon Slayer 1,2,2 H, H, H
Omen Left Right Axe Kick 1,2,3 H, H, H
Left Right Thrust Kick 1,2,4 H, H, M
Left Right Thrust Kick to Zenshin 1,2,4,f H, H, M
Laser Cannon b,f+2,1,2 M, M, M
Laser Scraper b,f+2,1,d/f+2 M, M, H
Wind God Fist f,N,d~d/f, f+2 H
Dragon Uppercut f,N,d,d/f+1


Spinning Demon ~ Tsunami Kick f,N,d,d/f, f +4,4,4 L, H, H
Stonehead f,f+1+2 H
Omen 7 Hit Combo 1,2,2,3,2,4,3 H, H, H, H, H, H ,H
Corpse Thrust 1+2 M
Omen GREAT! Combo (When partnered with Devil Jin) 1+2~5+1+2~2,3,2 M, H, H, M, H

Sample Combos

Name Commands
Sample combo 1 u/f+4,b+1,2,d/b+2,2,3
Sample combo 2 rise 2,ff+123+3,1,f+4
Sample combo 3 b+1+3,+ff,2
Sample combo 4 f+4 (counter) +f+ 1,1,3~3,b,f+2,1,2
Sample combo 5 f,N,d,d/f,4+f+b,f,2,3+f,1,2
Sample combo 6 f,N,d,d/f,2+d/f,1+1,3~3,+b,3+f,1,2
Sample combo 7 f,N,d~d/f,1+,f,N,d~d/f,2,1,3~3,+31,f,N,d~d/f,2