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200px-John Doe (Corpse) (FR) (DbD)

John Doe's corpse, as seen in the freezer room on the Amphitrite in Death by Degrees.

John Doe (ジョン・ドゥー Jon Doū?) is a character in Death by Degrees. He is one of the "sneakers" of Nina Williams' team (Alan Smithee is the other "sneaker", and Nina is the team's "sweeper"). John goes missing early in the game, and Nina must locate him. Alan tells Nina that she can ID him by the tattoo on his neck. Eventually, Nina finds John, dead, in a freezer room on the Amphitrite. John was killed by Edgar Grant. It appeared that he was dragged to the freezer post-mortem.

Character Relationships

  • Nina Williams - He is assisting her and Alan Smithee (Edgar) as one of the team's "sneakers".
  • Edgar Grant - He is killed by him.

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