Josie Rizal (ジョシー・リサール Joshī Risāru?) is a character in the Tekken series who is introduced in Tekken 7 as one of the new playable characters. She was first seen as one of the four fighters (the other three being Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and the large red behemoth fighter named Gigas) whose in-game character models were leaked online in March 2015. She later became playable in the arcades' time release in April 21.



Josie has short dark brown hair with brown eyes and sports a red ribbon hair accessory. She wears a yellow long sleeve v-neck midriff with white flower designs on the edge of her baggy sleeves with a red bikini top underneath, a light blue and red short skirt with matching designs and four straps in each side of her skirt and a red v-belt to her waist with sun buckles and brown warrior flats with sun designs in her knee and ankles. She also wears blue short shorts underneath her light blue skirt. She is very beautiful, and has fairly tanned skin and large breasts. Her skirt covers her upper thighs, so her lower thighs and legs are revealed.

Josie also wears a golden dangling sun necklace, matching golden sun earrings and several golden bracelets on both of her wrists. The color scheme (red, blue, white and yellow) of her outfit matches the Philippine flag.

Her alternate color pallet from her Player 2 outfit which her top is light blue, her skirt is now red and white, her short shorts are now dark blue and her warrior flats are brown.

In the update version of Tekken 7, Josie's light blue skirt from her primary outfit changed to blue to match her short shorts and the designs of her skirt remains light blue. In her alternate color pallet her dark blue short shorts are now black while wearing her outfit.


Josie's customizations are consist of modern clothes in her age and she gains Asuka's modern clothes customization in Tekken 6. Her customization has her wearing short dresses, leather mini hoodie jackets, sleeveless midriffs, spaghetti straps, fingerless gloves, wraps, denim pants, jeggings, black shoes and high heels, boots. She can also wears a cowboy hat on her head.


Josie has been described to be bright, cheerful and quite energetic, but she has become more prone to crying because of something that happened in the past [2]. It later reveals in her backstory that she was a big crybaby at the young age and is unable to ease it. During her training course and confrontation against Kuma, Josie was revealed to be afraid of bears and makes her flee in tears when it was encountered as well as being interrogated by it which caused her to faint.


Tekken 7

Josie Rizal tried her best to support her family by balancing two jobs; one as a model, and one as a professional kickboxer. One day, while she was out running on her usual training course along the mountain roads, she was suddenly confronted by an enormous, hairy creature!

Josie screamed, and then fled half in tears, but the creature remained hot on her heels. Realizing she had little chance of escape, Josie abruptly came to a halt, then turned trembling, to face her feral foe...

Ending Description: Josie finally defeats Kuma as she cries in relief. To her surprise, Kuma barely wakes up as he only returns her earring back which Josie noticed her earring was missing during their fight. Josie thanked the bear for retrieving it but Kuma then faints and Josie tries to wake him up.

In Kuma's ending she was finally awakened after being defeated by Kuma which she screams in terror. She thinks he's going to eat her but Kuma replies that he's not gonna eat her by roaring which causes Josie to faint. Kuma tries to wake her up and realized that she had failed to be enlisted into the Tekken Force despite her fighting skills.


Josie has been playable in the arcade version of Tekken 7 since 2015.

Josie's Rage Art move involves her using a dragon uppercut-like move on the opponent, two kicks in mid-air and knocking him/her down to the ground with a heavy blow.

In the update and console version however, Josie's Rage Art has been updated but she retains the dragon uppercut-like move from the first. Instead of giving two kicks and a heavy blow to the opponent. She charges and goes with one knee on her airborne opponent and heavily knocks them with a straight punch.

Fundamentally, Josie plays very similarly to Bruce, sharing some of his assets, such as his Cyclone Kick (3+4), Ducking Low Kick (f,N,d,df+3), Shotshell (3,2~F), Pasart Stance and Dteh Kao Pa Jong (uf+3+4) (Respectively the Spinning Scythe, Slide-in Low Kick, Hollow Point to Slide In, Switch Stance and Rapid Double Knee in her Move List), but with some new assets as well, namely her Intercept Kick (3,3), Intercept Cannon (3,f+3) and Lexias Chain (db+4,2,3). She also resolves Bruce's weakness of not having a ground hitting mid by having Full Blast Kick (d+3+4), effectively making her better than Bruce when it comes to ground game. For veteran Bruce users, Josie is the character that best emulates him in his absence in Tekken 7 because of these similarities.

She is also a very easy character to pick up and play with for first time users, being a very agile and fast character with an overall high damage output. One thing to note, however is that unlike most female characters in the series (i.e., Nina, Lili, Asuka/Jun or Master Raven) she is incapable of performing a Back Handspring (ub,b) so it is advised to Back Dash Cancel (b,b,db) if one wishes to give themselves space while being pressured by their opponent.

Fighting Style

Josie fights using Eskrima-based Kickboxing (エスクリマをベースとしたキックボクシング Esukurima wo Bēsu to shita Kikkubokushingu?). Eskrima is a style of combat that emphasizes on weapon-based combat that generally involves sticks and knives. Eskrima is officially called Arnis, the formalized umbrella name of the style in the Philippines, though this name and Kali are also used. Josie uses the unarmed variant of the style that focuses more on defensive techniques, grappling and weapon disarming as opposed to the more offensive armed variant.

Unarmed Eskrima focuses much more on reacting to and countering an attack rather than offensive striking. However, vicious strikes and kicks are still used. Her take of Eskrima with boxing makes her style more similar to a real life Eskrima variant called Yaw-Yan also known as the Dance of Death or Sayaw ng Kamatayan in Filipino.


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  • Her name is inspired by the Filipino National hero, José Rizal.
    • Her given name may have also come from the Japanese word for a girl (女子 Joshi).
    • Her surname Rizal is from the Spanish word "Ricial" meaning "the green of young growth" or "green fields."
  • She is the first Filipino fighter in the Tekken series, predated by sister series Soul Calibur's Talim. However, unlike other characters that speaks in their native tongue, she speaks English with a local accent rather than Filipino. Both English and Filipino(Tagalog) are listed as the official languages of the Philippines.
  • Her Rage Art animation, especially the finisher, used to resemble Xiba's Critical Edge move from Soulcalibur V.[3]
  • The white flower designs on Josie's midriff is based on the "Sampaguita", the national flower of the Philippines.
  • Some of Josie's moves [4] take their names from places in the Philippines such as Lingayen Stomp (リンガエンストンプ Ringaen Sutonpu), Switch Iligan (スイッチイリガン Suicchi Irigan), Switch Ormoc (スイッチオルモック Suicchi Orumokku), Subic Ring, Panquil Ring, and Kawasan Falls.
    • Two moves are references to Philippine National symbols: Carabao Horn (カラバオホーン Karabao Hōn) and Reverse Sampaguita (リバース・サンパギータ Ribāsu Sanpagīta).
  • In Josie's unveiling event, she was cosplayed by Yuriko Tiger.


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