Julia appears to have a medium length brown hair with long fringes in each side of her head which is tied in two braids and brown eyes. Like her adopted mother, Michelle. She wears an indian headress with two feathers in the left side of her head instead of one. In Tekken 4 and onwards, her hair is longer up to the back.

Tekken 3


Julia in her primary outfit in Tekken 3

Player 1 outfit:

Julia wears a brown short mini vest with a single cross design to keep themselves attached with a green sleeveless midriff, blue denim skirt with a brown belt to her waist, white knee-high socks and brown, yellow and black cowboy boots. She also wears a white armband on her right shoulder and a matching traditional necklace and wears brown fingerless gloves with a pair of bracelets. She also has a red indian headress on her forehead with two feathers at the left side of her head.

Player 2 outfit:

She now wears a different shades of red short sleeve low cut shirt with black elbow bands on her elbows, blue jeans with a black belt to her waist and red sneakers. She also wears a headband instead of a indian headress and wears brown gloves.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 3 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 3 Player 2 outfit)

Player 3 outfit:

Her Player 1 outfit is recolored into khaki.

Player 4 outfit:

The color of her Player 2 outfit has minor changes as her red shirt becomes black, her pants are now red and her sneakers are also black.

Tekken 4

T4 Julia and Julia

Julia's hair becomes long as she tied in lower two braids up to her back. She also gains new primary outfits.

Player 1 outfit:

Julia now wears a black sleeveless short button shirt, green denim short shorts with a green band on her right thigh and green cowboy boots with white v-neck folded sleeves. She also wears brown fingerless gloves and wears a black traditional necklace to match her outfit.

She also wears this outfit in her Tekken 6 ending as her cowboy boots is replaced with sneakers.

Player 2 outfit:

Julia wears a blue denim blazer jacket with a white long sleeved button shirt underneath with a blue laced ribbon on her collar, blue jeans and white sneakers. Her fingerless gloves are now blue when she wears this outfit and wears a pink eyeglasses.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

Player 1 outfit:

Her updated primary outfit in Tekken 3 and her brown mini vest is replaced with a dark brown short midriff to match her green midriff, her denim skirt becomes darker, her knee-high socks is now up to her knee and her brown cowboy boots has a dark brown design making her boots into a different shades of brown. Her armband is now sky blue and her traditional necklace is replaced with a black necklace with a round pendant and her indian headdress is now purple and cyan.

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, her short midriff is now cyan and her cowboy boots are now white.

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 4 Player 2 outfit)

Julia has a eagle design at the back of her denim blazer and she now wears white cowboy boots instead of sneakers.

She also wears this outfit in both Ganryu and her ending.

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, her denim blazer is now red and her jeans are now gray.

Tekken 6


Julia as she appears in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

Julia is now seen wearing a dark blue long sleeved short cropped top with a white sleeveless undershirt, pale blue denim capris and black boots. She also wears fingerless gloves and her eyeglasses are now light pink.

  • Some of her customizations consists of button shirts, cowboy vests, cowboy chaps, short shorts, and Chinese outfits.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Swap Costume:

Julia's swap costume is based on Chun-Li and she wears a blue sleeveless Chinese midriff, blue long skirt with yellow linings which is just above her thighs with blue denim short shorts underneath her skirt and brown knee-high boots. Her hair has two ribbon ox horns in each side of her head and gains a single braid at the back of her hair. But maintains her indian headdress and her fingerless gloves from her primary outfit.

Alternate Costume:

Julia wears an outfit similar to Robin Hood's and she wears brown short sleeved mini jacket with a matching brown sleeveless midriff and a green sleeveless midriff underneath, green western skirt with two brown cloths are hanging loose on her skirt, green stockings and brown thigh high boots. She also wears a hunter hat on her head and has a bow and arrow at back of her outfit.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

330px-Jaycee full body

Julia as her alter-ego Jaycee in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Julia has a change of appearance as she wears a pink luchadora mask which she becomes her luchadora alter-ego named Jaycee. She can be customized without a mask as her alter-ego name change to her real name.

Player 1 outfit:

She wears a pink and white strapless wrestling suit with feather designs on her strapless wrestling suit and two black straps on her crotch and a small round hole in the lower chest of her suit, extra black straps on her shoulders, and a matching white thigh high wrestling boots with black laces. She also dons her pink and white luchadora mask with several white and brown feathers in each sides of her mask and a white eagle design at the center of her mask as her long brown hair in each sides when she wears her mask are loose. She also wears black elbow bands with a pink round design in each sides of her elbow bands along with a long white wrestling gloves and her black necklace with a round pendant from her primary outfit in Tekken 5.

Julia is later seen in her primary outfit in Tekken 5 in Jaycee's ending but without the arm guards, brown fingerless gloves and her indian headdress and wears her light pink eyeglasses in her Tekken 6 Player 2 outfit.

  • Most of her customizations are added up along with her previous customization in Tekken 6 and also enables her to remove her luchadora mask with her name changing to her real name. Her customizations consists of assorted dresses, motorcycle jackets, tube tops, corsets, sentai costume, denim skirts, jeans, shorts, cowboy chaps, loafers, sneakers, boots and high heels.
  • Her swimsuit DLC has her wearing a pink western style bikini with white linings as the white western cloths are hanging loose over her bikini top and wears brown heeled sandals. She still wears her luchadora mask while wearing the outfit.

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