The Jumping Pile Driver is a move which has been around since the PlayStation version of the first Tekken game, exclusive to Armor King. Armor King grabs the opponent, holding them in the air for a short period, then turns them around in the air before falling, slamming them on their head in the process. This move overrides the damage value of the Suplex, so the former move's damage does not count as the Suplex itself is not performed.

In Tekken 1, this move has no advantages over its non-chained move, the Suplex, as the damage is the same between both moves. In fact, using a Suplex allows you to deal a high amount of damage to your opponent through a small combo. A low sweep can be performed after the Jumping Pile Driver while standing, however it only deals 12 damage; a rising sweep from the PLD position a Suplex leaves you in, deals 20 damage.

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