T7 Stage - Jungle Outpost

Jungle Outpost is a stage from Tekken 7. The fight starts on a wooden platform covered by trees that has a balcony break on one side. Triggering the balcony break will drop the fighters down to an area with carved stone on the ground. In this area, there is a wall of vines on the side opposite where the attacking fighter faces when he/she drops down. This is a wall break that expands the lower area once triggered. Around the edges of the bottom area, wreckage from a crashed plane can be seen along with tribal adornments. In the original Tekken 7 it takes place during the day but in Fated Retribution, the stage is set at sunset.

Its layout is very similar to Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Tropical Rainforest. However, though this stage is walled and has a balcony break too, it also has a wall break, unlike the former.


  • Josie and Kuma's endings take place in this stage.


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