Kazuya is a fighter who has been in every Tekken game with the exception of Tekken 3. He has received many different outfits, with white gi pants primarily being his main Player 1 outfit. His outfits usually have a formal/business theme.


Kazuya Mishima T1

Kazuya's outfits in Tekken.

Player 1 outfit

Kazuya wears tattered and torn white karate gi pants with a black & yellow belt, red foot guards, and red fingerless gloves, embedded with ten metallic studs arranged in an upside down triangle.

Player 2 outfit

Considered to be his "casual" clothes, he wears a white tank top, ripped blue jeans, red converse sneakers and his red gloves from the aforementioned Player 1 outfit.

In Tekken: The Motion Picture, he wears this outfit but the color of his tank top was black instead of white before he takes it off to show the large scar on his chest to Jun before Nina attacks them both.

Tekken 2

Kazuya Mishima - Player One Costume - Tekken 2

1P outfit

Kazuya Mishima - Player Two Costume - Tekken 2

2P outfit

Player 1 outfit

The same as his Tekken P1 outfit, but the black belt loses its yellow outlines and his gloves are no longer fingerless.

Player 2 outfit

His P2 outfit for this game remains one of his most unusual yet. He wears a white, unbuttoned leather jacket with a see-through version of his original tank top from Tekken underneath. Notably, there is a large image of a demon on the back of his white shirt, possibly representing his other self, Devil. He also wears a belted dark blue jeans with black boots with steels on his heels and toes.

Kazuya Mishima - Player Three Costume - Tekken 2

3P outfit

Player 3 outfit

This is his boss costume & is worn every time you fight him on arcade mode. It consists of a dark purple tuxedo shirt with an orange tie, purple dress pants, tied together with a black sash, and black dress shoes. It can only be unlocked by unlocking every character.

Tekken Tag Tournament

TTT Kazuya

Kazuya in 1P and 2P costumes.

Player 1 outfit

(See Tekken 2 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit

His tuxedo costume has changed in several notable ways. The black sash is gone, and the jacket now only hangs to the waist, instead of being tied into his pants. The suit also has a strange, metallic purple color.

  • In the arcade and console opening, Kazuya is seen wearing a black trenchcoat with gray button shirt with a red tie on his neck, black pants, and black shoes.

Tekken 4

For his triumphant return to The King of Iron Fist Tournament after 20 years of absence, Kazuya's P1 costume gains its first notable change. His eyes are now heterochromia with his right eye is brown and his left eye is red and has scratches all over his body.


Kazuya's outfits in Tekken 4.

Player 1 outfit

His white gi pants are no longer tattered and gain a yellow & orange cloud and lightning motif on the right leg. His belt changes from black to blue with yellow outlines & his gloves are fingerless again with wrist straps.

Player 2 outfit

His Player 2 outfit shows him wearing a gray-blue dress shirt, dark blue corduroy pants, a gold watch, black dress shoes, black sunglasses and his trademark red gloves.

  • In the game's arcade and console opening, he wears this outfit but without the sunglasses and red gloves.

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Tekken5 Kazuya Outfits

Kazuya's outfits in Tekken 5.

Player 1 outfit

For this game, the yellow cloud and lightning logo on his pants are replaced with gold flame designs on the individual right and lower left sides of his pants with respective purple and red colors on the insides of the flames. At the back of his karate belt, was rolled up into two instead of one.

In Dark Resurrection, his gloves, foot guards, and pants become maroon instead of their usual white and red colors. In the Story Mode in Tekken 7, he also wears this between the events of Tekken 4 and Tekken 5 to fight off the Jack-4s and the final showdown between him and his father, Heihachi. During the final showdown as his devil form and reverting back to his normal state until he kills his father with a devastating punch to the chest. Kazuya gains battle damage on his primary attire; his pants now have tatters in each side to reveal his footguards and fights barehanded due to his red fingerless gloves destroyed from getting serious damage.

Tekken5 Dark Resurrection Kazuya Outfits

Kazuya's outfits in Dark Resurrection.

Player 2 outfit

His Player 2 outfit marks the return of his trademark purple tuxedo. However, it has a modified design. It now has a long back-tail and he wears a red formal vest and tie underneath. He now wears his trademark red gloves in this outfit.

In Dark Resurrection, his tuxedo changes to white instead of its usual purple color. His gloves, however, remain red.

Tekken 6/Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Tekken6 Kazuya P3 Outfit

Kazuya's third outfit in Tekken 6.

Kazuya's outfits regain their original colors from Tekken 5 & receives no new outfits whatsoever.

  • He has a purple camouflage G Corporation military uniform in the game's trailer that is inexplicably not in the game. But in the Scenario Campaign mode, he wears this outfit as well as part of his customization outfit.

Player 3 outfit

His third outfit was a full metal body suit which is his exclusive outfit in the console's limited edition named Shinden.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance


Kazuya in Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

In the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Kazuya wears a matching charcoal gray formal vest & dress pants with a purple long sleeve button shirt underneath with the sleeves rolled up into cuffs. He also wears black dress shoes.

In Tekken 7 during story mode, he wears this outfit during his confrontation with Akuma at the top of G-Corporation Tower.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit

His Player 2 outfit shows the aforementioned Player 1 outfit regaining its maroon colors from Dark Resurrection.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken Kazuya Swap Outfit

Kazuya's swap costume in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Player 1 outfit

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Swap Costume

Street Fighter X Tekken Kazuya Alternate Outfit

Kazuya's alternate outfit in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Kazuya's Swap Costume is based on Guile as his military outfit appears similar to M. Bison's primary outfit. He wears a brown military trenchcoat with flame designs on each side of his uniform and the United States emblem on each side of his jacket with a black belt to his waist which is tucked into his trenchcoat, camoflage pants, and black military boots. He also wears black military gloves, and wears a matching black military cap.

Alternate Costume

Kazuya is still in shirtless and he has a black traditional kimono shirt as its sleeves are tied to his waist and wears an off-white sarashi shorts and a white geta sandals. He is not seen wearing his red fingerless gloves from his primary outfit and the sandals that he wears is similar to his father's Player 2 outfit.

Tekken 7

Kazuya has a new main outfit; He wears a long black trenchcoat with a gray suit, a matching white dress shirt and a red tie with black dress shoes. This is the outfit he wore at the Story Mode and Shaheen's ending from his Character Episode.

  • In his alternate colors, Kazuya's trench coat and suit are recolored in Purple, his dress shirt is lavender and his tie is black.
  • Kazuya gains more customizations like the previous one as the rest of the customization are from the male customizations. He can also customized his primary outfit in Tekken 5.

Tekken (Mobile)

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit) (2-Star)


  • (See Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Player 1 outfit) (1-Star)
  • (See Tekken 7 Player 1 outfit) (4-Star)
  • (See Tekken: Blood Vengeance outfit) (3-Star)