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Tekken 1 Edit

Kazuya Mishima T1

Tekken 1 Kazuya Mishima.

Player 1

Kazuya's Player One costume consists of tattered, and torn, white karate gi pants with a black sash, red foot guards and red fingerless gloves, embedded with ten metallic studs arranged in an upside down triangle.

Player 2

His Player Two costume could be considered his "casual" clothes, consisting of a white tank top, ripped jeans, red sneakers and the P1 red gloves.

Tekken 2 Edit

Kazuya Mishima - Player One Costume - Tekken 2

Tekken 2
1P outfit

Kazuya Mishima - Player Two Costume - Tekken 2

Tekken 2
2P outfit

Kazuya Mishima - Player Three Costume - Tekken 2

Tekken 2
3P outfit

  • Player 1

The same as his Tekken P1 outfit, but the black belt loses it's yellow outlines and his gloves are no longer fingerless.

  • Player 2

His player 2 costume for this game remains one of his most unusual yet. He wears a white, unbuttoned dress shirt, with a see-through version of his original tank top from Tekken underneath. Notably, there is a large image of a demon on the back of his white shirt, possibly representing his other self, Devil.

  • Player 3

Finally, his boss costume from this game could be considered the most memorable of all. It consists of a dark purple tuxedo shirt, purple dress pants, tied together with a black sash, and black dress shoes. He appears in this costume every time you fight him in story mode, and can only be unlocked by completing the game with him.

Tekken Tag TournamentEdit

TTT Kazuya

Kazuya in 1P and 2P costumes.

Kazuya retains his player one costume unchanged. However, his tuxedo costume has changed in several notable ways. The black sash is gone, and the jacket now only hangs to the waist, instead of being tied into his pants. The suit also has a strange, metallic coloring.

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