Kigan Island is a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign. Yoshimitsu is fought here. He will be unlocked by completing this stage. The event that has floor breaks happens twice in this stage. Falling crates will appear so the player should be careful. Several attacks by the minions will happen to the player so the player should find away to defeat the minions.

Trophy/achievement: Eastern Explorer.


  • Regular Ninjas
  • Straw hat Ninjas
  • Red Suit Ninjas
  • Claw Robots
  • Red Armored Men
  • Alien


  • This stage is a hidden stage. This stage will be unlocked by killing a straw hat ninja in the Abyss Gate stage in Hard Difficulty.
  • This is known to be the hardest stage to complete/clear.
  • If the player plays as Roger Jr. and reaches the boss battle, Yoshimitsu will ask Roger Jr's mother "have you located your husband madam kangaroo?" and she will reply that she divorced him. This is a reference to Roger.

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