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The King of Iron Fist Tournament (ザ・キング・オブ・アイアンフィストトーナメント Za Kingu obu Airon Fisuto Tōnamento) is a fictional world-wide martial arts competition that is held infrequently and is hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu. It draws renowned fighters from all around the globe.


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The sponsors of the tournament act as a host of sorts for the competition and are always the Sub-Boss or Final Boss of the game.


Every winner of every canonical tournament will be crowned the ownership of the tournament.

  • Third Tournament - Heihachi Mishima (Paul Phoenix defeated Ogre in the third tournament, and, believing himself to be the winner, left. Unknown to Paul, Ogre morphed into his final form, True Ogre, and the tournament continued in his absence. In the end, Jin was proclaimed as the true victor of the third Tournament for being victorious over True Ogre, but when Heihachi betrayed him, he awarded himself the victory).
  • Fourth Tournament - Heihachi Mishima (Kazuya was defeated by Heihachi in official battle, then Jin fled as he defeated Kazuya and Heihachi in the Final Stage as Jin transformed into Devil Jin and left Hon-Maru, but no one saw that).
  • Fifth Tournament - Jin Kazama (Jin actually lost to Hwoarang but he transformed into Devil Jin and defeated him, allowing him to continue progressing through the tournament).
  • Sixth Tournament - None so far (After Jin defeats Azazel and presumably deceased (but was actually put into coma, and found by Raven for his recovery), Mishima Zaibatsu's power becomes weaker on defending from Kazuya and his G Corporation, until Heihachi arrived strengthen the company's power)


  • Heihachi Mishima has sponsored the most tournaments, having sponsored the first, third, fourth and seventh tournaments.
    • He has also "won" the most tournaments, having won the second, third, fourth and seventh tournaments, though it was technically Jin Kazama who won the third and fourth tournaments.
  • Every tournament has been sponsored by somebody within the Mishima bloodline.

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