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Kinjin (金人) is a non-playable character introduced in Tekken Revolution

The most powerful sub-boss, he plays the same as Mokujin and Tetsujin, but gives more rewards than either.


Kinjin is an all-gold, metallic version of Mokujin, sporting a red cape and bow tie, sunglasses, mustache, and a king's crown. 

Character Relationships



  • It is possible that the design of Kinjin is based on Tetsujin's golden palette swap in Tekken Tag Tournament (which is unlockable after winning ten consecutive victories in versus mode).
    • More importantly, Kinjin's name can be found in the program ROM's of the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament (along with Unknown, Tiger and Tetsujin). This means he may have been planned to appear, or it might represent Tetsujin's golden palette swap.



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