Kunimitsu is a kunoichi with long vibrant red hair who always wears a mask. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, she now wears a half-mask, revealing her mouth and the scars on each of her eyes, both of which were previously concealed by her mask.


Kunimitsu Tekken Outfits

Kunimitsu's outfits in Tekken.

In the first Tekken, Kunimitsu appears to be masculine and wore two default outfits.

Player 1 outfit:

Kunimitsu wears a purple ninja suit with a black belt and black boots. She also wears a mask identical to Yoshimitsu's and wields dual kunai blades in both of her hands.

Player 2 outfit:

Her Player 2 outfit is the same as her Player 1 outfit, but the color is brown and her dual kunai are replaced with dual sickles.

Tekken 2

Tekken2 Kunimitsu Sprites

Kunimitsu's outfits as seen in-game.

Kunimitsu now appears with a more feminine look and her signature kitsune mask is finally introduced. Her long red hair is now tied in two low ponytails, one on each side.

Player 1 outfit:

She now wears a dark pink sleeveless tunic with a purple sleeveless turtleneck underneath, a purple obi which is tucked into her tunic, purple pants, white shins and brown shoes. She also wears ninja gloves that are a different shade of purple and have holes at the centers, resembling rider gloves. She now wields a single kunai in her right hand instead of dual blades.

Player 2 outfit:

Her Player 2 outfit is the same as her Player 1 outfit, except her tunic is orange and her pants and obi are brown.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Kunimitsu's primary outfit in Tekken 2 has been updated and her boots and ninja gloves gain their first notable change.

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 2 Player 1 outfit:)

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 2 Player 2 outfit)

Player 3 outfit:

(See Tekken Player 1 outfit)

Her old mask is replaced with a half-mask, which reveals her mouth and the two scars on each side of her face, visible beneath her half-mask.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Kunimitsu TTT2

Kunimitsu's primary outfit in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Kunimitsu's appearance was finally updated, and she wears a half-kitsune mask. In her unmasked appearance, she appears to be blind and has two scars on each side of her face, covering her eyes.

Player 1 outfit:

Kunimitsu now wears a purple side-tie dress with a white flowery design and a pale yellow sash, which is hanging loosely from her back, and a green ribbon on the left side. She also wears white ninja gloves with indigo elbow pads and matching ninja boots with indigo knee-high socks. In her in-game appearances, both her elbow pads and her knee-high socks are black.

Kunimitsu Bikini

Kunimitsu's swimsuit DLC.

Her side-tie dress has been worn by kunoichis in most media. In Street Fighter V, Ibuki wears a purple side-tie dress similar to Kunimitsu's as part of her second alternate costume.

  • Her Swimsuit DLC has her wearing a watermelon-design bikini.