240px-Launch Pad

Launch Pad is a stage in Tekken 2. The fight takes place in a dark setting filled with many lights, while a large space shuttle can be seen occupying the background. The arena is located on the shuttle's launch pad, hence the stage's name.

Background Music

Tekken 2 - Lee Chaolan's Theme02:48

Tekken 2 - Lee Chaolan's Theme


  • This is Lee Chaolan's stage.
  • The stage's music was reused from the Chicago stage in the the original Tekken.
    • The announcer's voice can be heard counting "1, 2, 3, 4" at the start of the track, making it one of only two arcade themes (the other being the theme of Lei's stage, Hong Kong Rooftop) and the only console stage theme to include a vocal sample.

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