Left Right Axe Kick00:09

Left Right Axe Kick

Left Right Axe Kick called Jab Sequence ~ Inside Turning Heel Drop/Axe Kick(順突き~内回し踵落とし, Juntsuki Kakato'otoshi) in Japan was introduced in Tekken 4 as part of Jin Kazama's moveset. Left Right Axe Kick is similar to Jin's "Shoot the Works High" in Tekken 3, except the the second kick is no longer an option.

Like with the Left Right Splits Kick, Left Right Axe Kick is a combination independent moves, in this case:

  1. Left Right Combo
  2. Left Axe Kick

Left Right Axe Kick can be used as a completely independent move at any time (with no chain options), or as a "bridge" to some of Jin's Omen moves, if performed while charged with "Soul Omen".

When to use

Left Right Axe Kick is to be used, for the most part, in juggles, either as a juggle starter or as a juggle ender. Although Left Right Axe Kick gains two chain possibilities when Jin is charged with "Soul Omen", experienced players will usually be anticipating them. This can however be used to one's advantage by simply ending the combo with the Left Right Axe Kick and follow up with a quick mid hitting jab and by doing so, draw the opponent back into one's pace of the game.

This move also works as a good frametrapper, as the last kick puts Jin at a frame advantage, allowing Jin to start a low/mid/throw mixup. However, the last kick can be interrupted by a jab (post Tekken 4), so its advisable to mix it up with Jin's Left-Right Roundhouse (1,2,4) which is uninterruptible.

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