Left Right Scarecrow, called Brionac (ブリューナク Buryūnaku) in Japan, is a move used by Zafina introduced in Tekken 6. The input is 1,2,3; in other words, her Left Right Combo with a left kick follow-up. The move will automatically leave the player in Scarecrow Stance unless back is held.


  • Brionac is a common Japanese misnomer for the spear of Lugh from Irish myth. The confusion seems to have come from mistaking how the spear first came to Lugh, from the prince Brion, for the name of the spear. Its proper name is Areadbhair. The spear was perfectly capable of fighting on its own without a wielder, according to some stories with its head suffused with fire. In fact, Areadbhair's head had to be kept immersed in poppy juice, or else, it would constantly seek more people to kill.