The Left Splits Kick as performed by Heihachi.


The Left Splits Kick performed by Kazuya.

Left Splits Kick, called Left Heel Drop (左踵落とし/Hidari Kakato Otoshi) in Japan, is an attack used by the practitioners of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate from the original Tekken game and were kept since then. Baek Doo San also uses a variant of this move. Jin Kazama was able to perform this move until Tekken Tag Tournament, Devil Jin since his debut has a different move and can't do this move individually anymore but only with Shoot The Works.

Properties and use

The Left Splits Kick has its mirror-counterpart called the Right Splits Kick, although they have their own evident differences:

  1. The command input is f,F+3.
  2. The move forces the opponent in a crouched state when blocked on hit, giving the player a solid frame advantage and add a 50-50 mix-up gameplay.
  3. On hit, the move launches the opponent, putting him/her in a semi-bounced state.
  4. In Tekken Revolution, Left Splits Kick gives a full bound animation.


  • The Left Splits Kick, alongside a numerous moves of the Mishima Style Karate, can be a homage to the fighting style used by the "Shoto" characters from the Street Fighter series.