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The Legendary Capoeira Master (伝説のカポエイラマスター Densetsu no Kapoeira Masutā?) is a minor Tekken character. He was the grandfather of Christie Monteiro as well as the man who taught Eddy Gordo Capoeira while they were both incarcerated in the same prison, roughly eight years prior to the events of Tekken 3.

In the short 2-year timespan between Tekken 3 and Tekken 5, he had turned into a frail, old man. A medical exam revealed that he was suffering from an incurable, terminal illness; but the doctors noted that a cure may possibly be found with the advanced technology of the Mishima Zaibatsu, which motivated both Eddy and Christie to join the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Having failed to win the tournament, Eddy struck a deal with Jin Kazama; Jin promised to find a cure for the old man if Eddy joined the Tekken Force as a ranking officer. At the conclusion of the sixth tournament, it was however revealed that his illness is far beyond every other cure like from Mishima Zaibatsu's technology, as his illness has taken its toll and he passes away.

Character Relationships

  • Eddy Gordo - He taught Eddy capoeira while they were both incarcerated. With his death, Eddy blamed himself for involving him and his granddaughter Christie into the current situation Eddy is in, involving his revenge on Kazuya.
  • Christie Monteiro - His granddaughter, whom Eddy taught capoeira to.
  • Jin Kazama - Jin and the Mishima Zaibatsu took care of him in a hospital owned by them in Tekken 6. However, as the Zaibatsu's resources is also far from curing the disease Eddy's master as the normal curing, Jin and Eddy failed to save him.



  • The Legendary Capoeira Master's real name is unknown as it has never been mentioned in any canonical games so far, but fans prefer to call him as Ho Chi Myong.
  • He is seen exclusively in the Tekken 3 intro during the prison break scene where Eddy is cornered by guards but the Capoeira Master comes in and defends Eddy. This is most likely proof of them having met while being incarcerated. The two baseball players have been spotted by him.

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