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Leo in Tekken 7
Full Name Eleonor Kliesen
Status Alive
Fighting Style Baji Quan
Nationality Flag of Germany Germany
Eyes Light blue
Hair Blonde
Likes Her father
her mother
Fresh air
Asuka Kazama and Lili (Online Tekken Comic)
Dislikes Kazuya Mishima, G Corporation, and big cities
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 19 (TK6)
Occupation Speleologist
Hobby Spelunking
Family Mr. Kliesen (Father)
Emma Kliesen (Mother)
Alignment Good
Game Appearances Tekken 6
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Tekken 7
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Tekken 3D: Prime Edition
Tekken Revolution
Full Bokko Heroes X
Voice Actors English:
Veronica Taylor (TK6)
??? (TTT2)

Eleonor Kliesen (エレオノール・クリーゼン Ereonōru Kurīzen?) commonly known as Leo (レオ Reo?) is a character in the Tekken fighting game series. She is one of the four characters first introduced in Tekken 6, which was released to arcades in Japan on November 26th 2007. Leo is from Germany and her fighting style is Baji Quan.


Tekken 6

Prologue Text: Leo was part of a very talented family. Leo's father was a world-famous spelunker, while Leo's mother served as a G Corporation executive. Although Leo's father disappeared during an expedition when Leo was a child, Leo still wanted to follow in the family tradition and become a spelunker. Leo possessed a strong sense of character, thanks to a proper upbringing. Life was pleasant and relatively uneventful until one fateful day, when Leo's mother was killed by an unknown assailant. Depressed and filled with grief, Leo became incensed when the police called-off their investigation quickly and without explanation. Leo vowed to find the truth. During Leo’s own investigation, the G Corporation's Kazuya Mishima materialized as a person of interest. The G Corporation was popularized at the time as a world hero, making it difficult to get close to Kazuya, and it looked as though Leo’s quest had reached an insurmountable impasse. It was at this time that news of the Mishima Zaibatsu-sponsored The King of Iron Fist Tournament began to spread. Leo learned that Kazuya Mishima was scheduled to appear in person at the event. Realizing that this may be the only chance to take revenge against Kazuya, Leo decided to enter the contest.

Ending Description: Leo pays a visit to Emma Kliesen's grave and finds a letter reading "Dear Leo." Leo reads it and then turns around suddenly to find no one standing behind Leo. The camera pans over Leo's face then points up.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Ending Description: Leo is seen on a train that seems to belong to G Corporation. She sneaks in and reads from a computer that her mother was once a supervisor for the Mishima Zaibatsu's devil gene program. The cells of the devil gene merge together with a normal person's cells, so the Mishima Zaibatsu created a synthetic strand to use. The program was cancelled after various fatalities of the test subjects. Emma had also reported the "death" of NT01. Suddenly while she is saving the information onto a USB, the computer's owner arms himself and goes back into his cabin. Leo manages to get back on the train's roof only to be surrounded by three armed men. She jumps out of the train and fires a hook that lands on the ledge. She then swears that she will find the murderers of her mother.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution

Leo appears as a unlockable character in Tekken Revolution.

Character Relationships


Leo is defined by her balanced gameplay. While she excels in little, she is good at just about everything: she have lots of fast, strong combos and multi-hits, stunning blows that strike high and low. She is also very safe, because her moves have little lag or recovery in between. Many of her attacks, however, are pretty straightforward and predictable, so she's prone to be sidestepped.She is A+ on the tier list.

Fighting Style

Leo practices Baji Quan, a Chinese martial art famous for its powerful elbow strikes, arm/fist strikes, hip checks and strikes with the shoulder, delivered with explosive, short-range power.

This style, mixed with other Chinese martial arts, is also practiced by Julia Chang and Michelle Chang. Leo, however, is the first Tekken character to practice this style alone, in its pure form.

System Ghosts

Tekken 6

Name Rank
Sumo momo 7th kyu
-_- shadow -_- 1st kyu
Friday Wing 3rd dan
Amechan Master
(^^) Reiko (^^) Berserker
Victory! Avenger
Fireb0y Conqueror
Sakura Chiru <JP> Legend
My Queenie Yaksa
Zantetsu@JP Tekken Lord



  • There were rumors before the game was officially released that Leo was a girl, and shortly after the game was released in Europe, there were complaints about the character most likely because Leo was thought of as a transgender character; in game, Leo is referred to only by name or gender-neutral terms, and Leo has no costumes that reveal any portion of the torso, which would normally make the character's gender clear. The Bandai-Namco development team had stated that they wanted to create a character that would be loved by fans regardless of gender so they made the gender of Leo ambiguous on purpose.
    • Leo can equip a sledgehammer which is a male item, but Leo also can have pigtail hair bases which is usually for female fighters only. Also, Leo's continue and next round animations are those of male characters. 
    • In the Scenario Campaign, however, both Heihachi and Anna refer to Leo as a "boy".
    • Leo cannot be attacked by Anna's Slap Happy (b+2), which is usable against females; but by Heihachi's Headbutt Carnival (f,F+1+4), which is usable against males.
    • In the Tekken 6 Limited Edition Art Book's Designers' Sketches, Leo is under the Male Characters section.
    • In the non-canonical Online Tekken Comic, Leo is portrayed as a male.
    • Katushiro Harada, the producer of Tekken later stated that Leo is in fact a girl and her full name is Eleonore Kliesen.
  • Leo resembles Rock Howard from Garou: Mark of the Wolves and King from The Art of Fighting series.
  • In Tekken 6, Leo can be customized as Ash Ketchum, the main hero from the Pokémon anime.
  • It is unknown how Leo's father died, or if he did for certain.
  • Leo is ranked #22 in's The 25 Most Androgynous Video Game Characters.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Leo has the largest hitbox of all human female characters, being Class 3 in Tekken Tag 2. Ling Xiaoyu, Jaycee and Alisa Bosconovitch are Class 1, every other female in Class 2.
  • Leo now speaks her native language, German.
  • In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Leo can be customized to look like Sora & Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series, Tenten from the Naruto series, Eliot from Dead or Alive 4, & Indiana Jones.


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