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200px-Lightning Storm - Tekken 6

Lightning Storm is a stage in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the console version of Tekken 6. It takes place ontop of a rooftop where a helicopter should be landing onto a helipad. This takes place amidst a thunderstorm at nighttime, with lightning striking down to the ground and very heavy rain pouring down, hence the stage name. During the fight, a helicopter will eventually arrive and crash into the building directly behind the helipad and lightning strikes the metal parts of the stage. It is a small, hi-tech area near a building, and is the rooftop of the G Corporation headquarters.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Midtown Roars".

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Lightning Storm02:17

Tekken 6 Soundtrack Lightning Storm


  • In Scenario Campaign Mode, players fight against Anna Williams, then shortly afterward Kazuya Mishima here; however, its BGM is different.
  • This is possibly Kazuya Mishima's stage as he is always fought here in Arena Mode.
  • This stage is strongly similar to Tekken 4's stage Building.
  • There is no helicopter crash in the PlayStation Portable version.

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