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Lightning Uppercut

Kazuya performing the Lightning Uppercut


Devil Jin performing the Lightning Uppercut

Command b+1+4
Stance -
Damage 43 (Jin; TTT)
Hit Range  !
Properties KND
Move Frames Hit Advantage
- KD
Block Advantage CH Advantage
- -

Lightning Uppercut, called Chaotic Demon God Destruction (鬼神滅裂 kishin metsuretsu) in the Japanese version and Lightning Godfist in many Tekken communities, is an unblockable move introduced in Tekken 2 that can be performed by Kazuya Mishima, Devil Jin and Jin Kazama (Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament only). During the animation of this move, electricity surrounds the character and the character does a single clockwise spiral and uses the momentum to perform a leaping left-handed punch.

The Lightning Uppercut also has a stronger, yet slower version known as the Lightning Screw Uppercut.


Lightning Uppercut00:08

Lightning Uppercut

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