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Ling Xiaoyu/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Movelist is a list of moves Ling Xiaoyu is able to perform in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Moves List

  1. Bayonet (1,2)
  2. Bayonet Thruster (1,2,1)
  3. Bayonet McTwist (1,U,2)
  4. Fan Dance to Reverse Stance (1,u,2)
  5. Fan Dance to Pushing Hands
  6. April Showers
  7. May Flowers
  8. Crescent Moon Kick
  9. Crescent Moon Kick to Phoenix
  10. Birds Flock
  11. Spinner
  12. Cloud Kick
  13. Cartwheel Left
  14. Dive Roll Right
  15. Belly Chop
  16. Belly Chop Backward
  17. Butter the Bread
  18. Cross Lifting Palms
  19. Blooming Flower
  20. Right Front Kick
  21. Sunset Fan
  22. Flapping Wings
  23. Storming Flower
  24. Knee Cracker
  25. Nutcracker
  26. Great Wall Left
  27. Great Wall Right
  28. Peacock Kick
  29. Phoenix Twin Kick
  30. Hypnotist
  31. Spin Sticker
  32. Thunder Strike
  33. Falling Tiger Kick
  34. Deadly Orchid
  35. Backflip
  36. Backflip to Phoenix
  37. Single Fan
  38. Single Fan Forward
  39. Double Fan Forward
  40. Hydrangea

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