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Katarina Alves
S/RA P H Move Command
Double Slap to Harrier XXLEFT
Wing Punch Combo XXX
Rush Punch Combo XXY
Albatross Punch Combo XXA
Goose Punch Combo XXB
Wing Slap Combo XY
Needle Kick Combo XB
S Feather Fury YY
Crane Kick Combo AAAAA
Wild Canary AB
Nimble Cutter to Harrier BBBLEFT
Nimble Cutter BBBBB
Heel Hook LEFTA
Harrier LEFTB
Alula Slice X During Harrier
Alula Slam Y During Harrier
Palmate Spin A During Harrier
Snipe's Knee B During Harrier
RA Snipe's Crusher X+Y During Harrier
Drumming LEFTX+Y
P Feldgeling Foot LEFTA+B
Peck and Slap 54RXX
Peck and Slap to Harrier 54RXXLEFT
Nest Crasher 54RYY
S Nest Wrecker 54RYB
Wagtail 54RAA
Wagtail Cancel 54RAADOWN
Greater Rhea 54RB
Feather Chop 54RX
Tarsus Body Blow DOWNAA
Tarsus Neck Blow DOWNAB
Sliding Kick 54LA
Sliding Tail 54LB
Eclipse Plumage 54LA+B Unblockable
Inside Peck to Harrier RIGHTXLEFT
Peck Upper RIGHTXX
Piercing Peck RIGHTXX
Piercing Upperrcut RIGHTY
Cuckoo Thurst RIGHTA
Woodpecker RIGHTBX+Y
Fractured Flock RIGHTA+B
Lower Axis 36RA
Flying Bird 36LA
Wing Cutter to Harrier 36LBBBBLEFT
Wing Cutter 36LBBBBBB
Hovering 36LA+B
Aerial Glide LEFTLEFTA
Rampage Wing XX While Standing
Rampage Wing to Harrier XXLEFT While Standing
Rampage Wing to Harrier XXLEFT While Standing
Kite Upper Y While Standing
Short Tail 54RB While Crouching
Crash Landing DOWNA+B While Opponent is Down
Taunt 20px
Charge Glow 20px
Flying Catch X+A
Display of Force Y+B
Osprey Sweep X+A or Y+B Opponent's Right Side
Raptor's Wrath X+A or Y+B Opponent's Left Side
Bird of Prey X+A or Y+B Opponent's Back Side
Phoenix Kick Flurry 54RX+Y
Kazumi Mishima/Devil Kazumi
S/RA P H Move Command
Phosphorescent Impact Fist XXY
Demon Road Ream Fist XYY
Wrapped YX
Munetoga AY
God of Thunder X+Y
Tiger Maki Y+A
Bite Tiger X+B
P Thrust in Human LEFTY
Mizuochiashi LEFTA
Mizuochiashi Into Ruyi Sho Sakigake LEFTALEFT
S H Demon Gate Legs LEFTB
Ruyi Sho Sakigake LEFTA+B
Thunder Fist X During Ruyi Sho Sakigake
Fuhaku Fist Y During Ruyi Sho Sakigake
Itadaki Oroshi A During Ruyi Sho Sakigake
Black Rope Phosphoresce BY During Ruyi Sho Sakigake
Demon Angle Palm X+Y During Ruyi Sho Sakigake
Demon Angle Emperor Palm X+Y During Ruyi Sho Sakigake / Unblockable / Hold
Overlaid Dawn 54RXY
Fierce Tiger Fuhaku Fist 54RY
Heel Thurst 54RA
Thunder Off Kongo DOWNXY
Black Rope Samsara 54LYAB
Crushed Instep 54LA
Dorai 54LB
Mikazuki Hitomoji 54LX+Y
Nagi Ryumyaku RIGHTXY
S H Castle Gate 54RY
Thunder Wipe RIGHTB
Ruyi Sho Dono RIGHTA+B
Meridians 36LY
Back Handed Zen Blade 36LABX
Back Handed Shin Legs 36LABA
Katsuragi Break 36LB
Kongo Tiger Killer LEFTLEFTY
S H Absolute Demon Gate Kick RIGHTLEFTYXB
Absolute Tiger Palm RIGHTLEFTYXA+B
Chidori Kongo XY While Standing
Demon Gate Kicks BB While Standing
Heaven's Punishment DOWNY While Opponent is Down
Taunt 20px
XY While Standing
Lucky Chloe
S/RA P H Move Command
Left Point to C Uprock Hit XYX
Left Point to C Uprock Clap XYY
S H Left Point to C Uprock Swing XYX+Y
Right Middle Shift AB
Double Swing X+Y
C Uprock Hit LEFTYX
C Uprock Clap LEFTYY
S H C Uprock Swing LEFTYX+Y
Hopping LEFTA

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