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Low Kick Body Blow Combo, called Low-Stomach Combination (ロー・ストマックコンビネーション Rō-Sutomakku Kombinētshon) in Japan, was introduced in Tekken 5 as part of Bryan Fury's movelist. It consists of two independent moves:

  1. Quick Left Low Kick
  2. Stomach Blow

Low Kick Body Blow Combo was replaced by the Quick Low Screw Punch in Tekken 6

When to use

Low Kick Body Blow Combo cannot guarantee a second hit even if the first connects. The move should be part of a mix-up strategy, since it doesn't provide much advantage when it connects. It is often used in juggles as an alternative to d/b+2, if d/b+2 otherwise wouldn't reach because the opponent is too far away or too close to the ground.

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