Manticore, called Caladbolg (カラドボルグ/Karadoborugu) in Japan, is a move used by Zafina. Its input is 1+2,4,4. The third strike knocks the opponent down. If the first strike is a counter hit, the opponent will immediately go into crumple stun.


  • The Manticore is a mythical beast from Greek and/or Persian legends. It was described as a lion with a scorpion's tail, a man's face, and three rows of teeth. According to some sources, it may also have had the wings of a bat, and the ability to shoot out its stingers. It could leap any obstacle, no matter how high, and was constantly ravenous for human flesh.
  • Caladbolg ("hard cleaver") was the greatsword of Fergus mac Roiche in the Ulster Cycle of Irish myth. It was said to be powerful enough to cut down many warriors in one stroke, and once was used to cut away three hilltops as a sign of Fergus's willingness to use force if a treaty made with him was reneged upon. It is thought that Caladbolg's name is an etymological ancestor of the Excalibur from the original Arthurian tales of Wales.

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