Marshall appears to have a short black hair with a full fringe. In the first Tekken, his eyes are green while in Tekken 2 and onwards the color of his eyes are naturally brown. He is based on the legendary martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. His first primary outfit is mostly pronounced as one of the outfits that Bruce Lee wore in his action movies and has three scars on his chest.


Player 1 outfit:

Marshall wears a black and yellow jacket with an extended collar and a blue sign of "03" at the back of his jacket, yellow jogging pants and white sneakers.

His outfit is also seen in both Yoshimitsu and his ending.

Player 2 outfit:

He is now seen in shirtless and he only wears a black martial arts pants with a matching martial arts belt with red sash in the edge of his pants and black Chinese toe shoes and white socks. He also has black wristbands on both of his wrists.

Tekken 2


Marshall in his primary outfit in Tekken 2

Player 1 outfit

(See Tekken Player 2 outfit)

His black belt is replaced with a red obi and the most part of his outfit has retained.

This is outfit is later seen in his son's Tekken 3 ending during their training practice with his best friend Paul and his son, Forest.

Player 2 outfit:

He wears an orange jumpsuit with a dark blue short sleeve undershirt, and his black toe shoes and white socks from his primary outfit. This outfit is based on Son Goku's main outfit in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Tekken 3

Marshall is not a playable character in this game but he appears in both the console opening and his son's ending. He has gained a mustache due to his aging.

In the console version, he wears a white short sleeved loose button shirt with six parallel buttons in each sides, white pants and black shoes. This outfit that he wears is his chef attire.

In his son's ending before going for a training practice, he was seen wearing his son's Player 2 outfit but the color of his pants are dark blue before changing his primary outfit in Tekken 2.

Tekken 4


Marshall as he appears in Tekken 4

Marshall's appearance remains the same as he lost a bit of weight due to alcoholism and his restaurant business goes bankrupt. He gains new outfits which had made a notable change.

Player 1 outfit:

He was still in shirtless, and he wears a golden yellow jogging pants with black linings and white outlines and red track sneakers with two white linings. He also has a white tie in the center of his jogging pants and has a red sash which has been tied on his waist. He also wears a black wristbands in both of his wrist.

This outfit is later seen in his ending after his restaurant business went out of business due to fighting and he strictly forces the four of his disgruntled customers who made a brawl to his restaurant business to train them in his dojo.

Player 2 outfit:

He wears a similar outfit as his son's primary outfit which is a white long sleeved loose button Cheongsam and the interior of his shirt and it's outlines are blue, matching white pants and blue Chinese shoes.

  • In his ending however, he wears his cook attire from Tekken 3 as his sleeves of his loose button shirt is now long and his pants are now gray and maintains wearing his black wristbands from his Tekken 2 primary outfit.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

Player 1 outfit:

Marshall wears an updated version of his Tekken 2 primary outfit and is the first time to have a first notable change. His pants now have a golden dragon design in each sides of his pants, his wristbands now have a triangle designs and maintains the long red sash from his primary outfit in Tekken 4. In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the color of is pants is blue green, the golden dragon designs changed to silver and his sash is now yellow ochre.

This outfit is mostly seen in Paul's ending in Tekken 6, his ending in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and his ending with Paul in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 4 Player 2 outfit)

He now has a red dragon design at the back of his Cheongsam and the outlines of his button shirt and his socks are blue.

In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the outlines of his white loose button shirt is now blue, his pants are now black instead of white and his socks are now white.

Player 3 outfit:

This is considered his casual outfit and her wears an off-white long sleeve shirt with three buttons in each sides. He also wears black suspenders, brown pants and black shoes. He also wears a brown beret cap to match his outfit.

Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion


Marshall as he appears in both Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Marshall's appearance has revamped into his previous appearance in both Tekken and Tekken 2 due to him being cleanly shaved his mustache. As fans assume him to look like his son, Forest.

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

He keeps his Tekken 5 Player 2 outfit but his socks are now black instead of blue.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

He appears in his Tekken 5 appearance with the return of his mustache.

Swap Costume:

His Swap Costume is based on El Fuerte, His Chinese pants are now pale blue with yellow and red Chinese linings and a white Chinese design on his knee, His Chinese toe shoes are replaced with a matching pale blue combat boots. He also dons a luchadora mask with a Chinese symbol on his forehead.

Alternate Costume:

His alternate costume is an Egyptian costume, He wears a golden round necklace adorned with an orange sash with gold linings which is below the knee, a gray rope which is tucked into in his sash and white greaves. He also wears black pants and his black Chinese toe shoes and white socks from his primary outfit. He also wears a green armband on the right and a green armor to the left and has a crown on his forehead and wears a dark red gauntlets.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Player 1 outfit)

Tekken 7

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

The color of his pants are now yellow and the golden dragon designs are now bronze and the sash on his waist is now black. The color scheme of his primary outfit is based on his Player 2 outfit in the first Tekken.

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