List of quotes for Marshall Law.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Intro Win
I'll break your nose in!
Come and get some! I dare you.
I'm counting on you!

Street Fighter X Tekken

Intro Win
It's all on the line! So... Special lesson fees are applied! Open your soul to the battle.
I'm ready. Fight! Sharpen your senses.

Win Quotes

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You must be fighting a difficult battle, coping with your lost memories. Hmm, there might be an opportunity here... I don't care what you are exactly, but bringing weapons to a good-old-fashioned fight is not good! Oooh, I wish I could generate electricity like that! I wouldn't have to pay any electricity bills, and I could sell my surplus, too!
Whew, that was WAY too close! Man, I'm going back home. You may laugh when you challenge other dojos to a fight, but those who you beat are crying! Think about their feelings! You may know a lot for a cat, but what exactly has that knowledge done for you lately?
I am not as greedy as you when it comes to money! ...I think. The ultimate body requires strict training and a simple diet! That's how I've achieved my perfect body! I know where you’re coming from! You’re also fighting a tough battle yourself.
Hey, how about we go over there and you do that shocky thing again? We can make a fortune with your abilities! How can you enjoy inflicting pain on others!? I have no idea what's going on inside your head!? Hm, I can't put my finger on it, but I know I've seen you somewhere before...
When money is on the line, I won't lose to anyone, whether you're an amateur or a pro! Eddy? The name doesn't ring a bell, sorry. But you know, I may remember, if the price is right! You better rethink your wish to become human. Cats have it easy, with no debts or poverty. I wish I could be a cat...
Sorry, but I won't let you stop me here! For my family's future and prosperity, I can't lose! You're in the twilight of your life, old man. Come on, just part with your cash and give it to someone with a future, like me!
By the way, I've heard that you've got a stash of cash somewhere. Never mind. I just thought I'd ask. What's with today's youth? Don't you know how to respect your elders!?
If you want to cook me, you'll need a bigger fire than that! That fire wouldn't be enough for fried rice! Now that you're down, I can start selling off your parts for a good chunk of cash! I bet I can make a tidy profit...
Must be nice having a personal butler accompany you on your vacation... Geez, I should've kicked you a bit more... You have your reasons for fighting, but so do I! That's why I can't give up here!
A talking tree, huh? If you meet a tree that has some deep pockets, let me know, will ya? Instead of saving the forest, how about saving the poor! Starting with me!
Paul... When did you learn how to... Oh, sorry, my mistake. You look just like my friend... What does a man who's been fighting with his own son for the past decade know about my hardships!?
The Bushinryu are supposed to help the weak, right? Well, help me! I'm in need of some money! Hey, so this pro wrestling gimmick, does it rake in the big bucks? I just have to do a couple of kicks and... Hey! Are you listening?
No body can compare to my chiseled physique! Hit the gym and go on a diet! Nice! You'll make this sauce base I've been thinking of a lot more flavorful.
Huh, you must be one of those cosplaying kids I've read about. Kids these days are so carefree and naive... Take it from me, kid, get too excited during a fight and you're bound to make a fatal mistake. I guarantee it.
Your disregard for life surprised me... The world is a dangerous place indeed. It's like I just saw a ghost or something. Did I eat something weird yesterday...?
You may have me beat in social status, money and fame, but at least I will never go hungry! I-I'm not doing anything, officer, I swear! Especially nothing that would involve stealing your handcuffs and gun and selling them!
Don't worry, I won't take your life. I'm just going to take your money, ha ha! You may have the lion's share of wealth and youth... But I'm stronger! Hah!
What's the matter with you? Do you not have enough money to buy a proper shirt? Nice fight! Too bad it wasn't recorded. I could've used that for publicity...
So how much money does a soldier get? Ah, wait, wait, you mean I have to fight more!? Never mind, I'm not interested! I have no money and no social status! So lay off me, lady!
You look like you can eat your weight in food. How about you come to Marshall China and take on our Chow Mein Challenge? Damn! Having to deal with you took almost everything out of me! I don't wanna go through that again.
Following the path of the fist is a difficult struggle. I know it all too well. Paul, you understand, right!? This is so I can pay off my debts! Forgive me, friend!
Dang, I thought that eyepatch would give me a nice avenue for an opening, but I was wrong. You're far too dangerous... Agents like you must know a couple of good jokes, right? Got any to tell me? I need some material to work with...
How'd you get so good just by copying someone...? Kids these days are growing up too fast... Please accept my apologies, Steve! I'll pay back this debt some day, I swear!
So what if you think your face is pretty? You're not going to make a cent off of it! A kid like you can't begin to understand why us adults have to fight. We all have something we need to fight for!
Wow, you've taken down bears before? Nice! Ship some to my restaurant and we can whip up a nice dish for you! You seem good with a blade. How about you come to my restaurant and work in my kitchen? We need someone on cutting duty!

Tekken 7

Intro Win
I'll break your nose in!
Come and get some! I dare you.*

* Law only says this quote in his Character Episode.