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Master Raven (マスターレイヴン Masutā Reivun) is a character in the Tekken fighting game series. Master Raven was introduced in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.


Tekken 7

As an agent for the UN's intelligence bureau, Master Raven embarked on her latest top-secret mission: Infiltrate the King of Iron Fist Tournament and confront her assigned target.

In the frozen area that was to be her battleground, Master Raven stood, arms folded, face to face with her subordinate's sworn enemy, who simply narrowed his eyes and took up a fighting pose.


Master Raven is the game's first black woman. She has dark brown skin, brown eyes, full lips, faded scars on her face, and wears her loc'd dark brown and blonde hair in a ponytail, leaving three bangs in the front of her face. Her body is voluptuous and muscle-toned, fitting for a well-trained master ninja.

She wears a dark colored bodysuit similar to Nina Williams. Her attire is covered by shoulder armor, gauntlets, a faceplate, grieves, two thin blue capes, and a ninja sword that she utilizes in battle.


Tekken 7

Attached to the United Nations' secret intelligence service, she is code named "Master Raven". She is a high ranked official with plenty of sub-ordinates tasked in various dangerous missions.

With Heihachi Mishima reclaiming the Mishima Zaibatsu and waging war on G Corporation, the activities of this secret service have been increased to monitor and report what is happening in the world. Loyal to her duty, she will go to the ends of the earth for her role.

Character Relationships

  • Raven - Her loyal subordinate.


Master Raven will play similarly to the original Raven, but with additional assets, such as of having Taki's playstyle and Yoshimitsu's one sword combat.

Fighting style

Master Raven fights using Ninjutsu.


Master Raven/Quotes


  • Her personality and role, including her outfit are similar to the Soul series' Taki.
  • One of her outfit parts appears similar to Xenoblade's Fiora in her Mechon form.
  • She is the second character to fight with swords by default, the first being Yoshimitsu.
  • She is the fourth character to fight using weapons by default.
  • She is the first black woman to be introduced in the Tekken series.
  • She is the first female character with 4C hair texture.
  • Her hairstyle is similar to Eddy Gordo's as well as the locs Christie can wear in Tekken 6.


Master Raven/Gallery

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