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Four Mishimas

The Mishima Family (三島一族 Mishima Ichizoku) is one of the most important families in the Tekken series.


All the main protagonists and antagonists are from this family and they have the most rivalries between themselves and with other fighters outside the family. There is a curse within their blood that causes them to turn against each other when they are joining forces.

Some members of this family are also known for having the Devil Gene and some of them want to end the Mishima Bloodline.

The upcoming Tekken 7 will, story-wise, serve as the conclusion of the "Mishima clan saga" and answer (amongst other Tekken mysteries) many questions regarding the family.[1]

List of fighters

The Mishimas contain the three main fighters in the series:

and their relatives:

Links to the Family


  • According to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, Kazuya was not the first Mishima family member to make contact with the devil, and that both Kazuya and Jin believe it started with Jinpachi but only Heihachi really knows who it was. Harada also pointed out that neither Jinpachi, Heihachi nor Lars possess the Devil Gene. This may hint towards Kazumi Mishima being the first to have and start the Devil Gene bloodline. It would also explain the reason why Jinpachi, Heihachi and Lars do not possess it yet both Kazuya and Jin do.
  • It is interesting to note that each of the members with direct lineage to the Mishima family have the ability to run an electric current through their hands. This is largely apparent when they are performing certain moves such as Rising Uppercut. There are also color variations between members such as blue for Kazuya, red for Jin, yellow/light blue for Heihachi, black/purple for Jinpachi, and purple for Lars.
  • It is currently speculated that Tekken 7 newcomer Claudio Serafino is possibly related or connected to the Mishima Family in some way because of the tattoo on his right arm (which is covered by bandages) and because the way his purification sorcery works is similar to the Devil Gene.


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